Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Basix Buffet Lunch

My tummy seems like it hasn’t taken a rest yet from the many dine-outs we had in our outings and out of town travels  the past weeks when another buffet lunch invitation came in again from my niece’s hubby last Saturday.   He popped-up in town for some important business meetings and despite his busy scheds he still was able to find  time to treat us to lunch in Basix of Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City.

Basix is another elegant restaurant on the hotel strip in the said city.  It wasn’t my first time here, but the last time I was here was eons ago and I don’t even remember if the name of the resto was the same.  So when I stepped-in at the buffet area, I was overwhelmed with what I saw.  They have a grand array of international cuisines, everything that I crave for is there, steaks, peking duck, grilled or fresh seafood, pastas, freshly made crepes by chefs, Japanese sushis and sashimis , dimsums and lots and lots of delightful desserts.  Food selection is endless that you definitely would give up on others.  Comparing this Basix to Jeepney Café of Hotel Intercon, I’d say that the former Is much better with regards to varieties of cuisines offered considering  that the price is  the same. And if to compare with Circles of Shang, I still prefer Basix.  Both offer wide array of cuisines but Circles is priced much higher.  Oh yes, not to forget that Basix buffet lunch includes free flowing drinks, be it soda, juice, beer or wine which others don’t have.  Ain’t it terrific? 

I was too excited  with all my picks on my own plate, thus, I forgot to take photos of my fave steaks. I say its one of the best in town! Actually, it was daughter who took charge of taking all these shots but still missed a lot more.  Anyway, so much is shown and believe you me, they are worth more than its price though we didn't spend a single cent. Lol! Thanks so much Matt!

4 Comentários:

Mayet said...

love,love the buffet!!

Liza said...

Ang sasarap!

Btw, FC (First Commenter) links are back at Mommy's Little Corner. Come on over and make your chop. :)

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...ganyan din ako te...pag na eexcite na ako sa food ko...I forgot to take photos of it....lalo na pag gutom...lol!

dami na talagang high end resto sa pinas....yum!

thanks po sa dalaw...at sa comment...ehhehee....I did not bring Akesha's sneakers that time, d kasi namin alam na may turkey run...buti nalang may SIL and I have the same shoe size...so she let me borrow her shoes...siguro naka boots din akong tumakbo...lol!

Beng Gee said...

so love it too, mayet!

thanks for your time, my friend!

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