Monday, November 15, 2010

Comfy cottages by the beach

We had a comfortable overnight lodging in Morong,  Bataan.  Yeah, it was another weekend by the beach courtesy of my sis as she celebrated her birthday with us, her kinfolk.  We were not aware that she had gone out a week earlier to survey the place and look for a nice peaceful beach resort.  She drove   the long zigzag road only to search for comfy cottages to rent  where we could spend the night over.  A scenic beach resort in the coastal town of Morong, Bataan was a perfect choice. And last weekend, we were able to enjoy the place she reserved for her birthday bash. It is an awesome place with ample amenities like fresh water pool and salt water pool, videoke machine,  kiddie playground, and best of all, wifi connection! Unfortunately though,  I didn’t bring my laptop with me. (sigh!) On the second thought, I have no regret on not bringing my laptop.  I wouldn’t have the time to go online anyway ‘cause the occasion calls for many exciting bonding moments with all the kin present

To tell the truth, I was quite surprised to find such a superbly developed resort in the area.  I thought their kind could only be found in posh tourist destinations of Canary Island.  Imagine, they even have huge villas available for lease to foreigners?!  These luxurious villas may not be as splendid as those of classy villas in Lanzarote of Canary Island but mind you,  the 4 to 7 bedroom villas of this local resort can run second to those attractive villas of first class tourist spots.  Do I wish for a villa to stay in  next time we go back to Morong?   What for? The cozy cottages we had are more than enough!  What matter is the people I’m with and the time we have for one another!  Exactly like what we had last weekend!

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PinayWAHM said...

Good to hear na you had a good time celebrating her birthday. Anong nangyari sa lack of seafoods? I hope you had some yummy substitutes....

Our weekend was a boring one....what else is new. We just styaed home and watched TV...worked...and be lazy....hehe. M worked on Sat so Sun was rest day.

Have a great week Ate Beng!


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