Sunday, November 28, 2010

Skywalk Adventure and Edge Coaster Ride

Our four day vacation (30th wedding anniv cebration) is over but I still got a hang-over of the spine-tingling adventures we had. The big kiddos’ goal on this Cebu trip of ours is to experience the so-called Skywalk and Edge Coaster Ride in Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in Cebu. I never had an inkling that I will be joining them on that crazy adventure. But with the non-stop nudging I somehow got the nerve and gave in. Thus, we took the elevator to the roof top, (I think it's the 38th floor) after paying the 900php/pax at the 26th floor. The price includes entrance fee, Edge Coaster Ride, Skywalk Adventure and Buffet dinner at the Hotel’s Roof Top Restaurant. Just by looking down at the ground down below while at the glass elevator made me shiver let alone stepping out onto the open railings for those heart pounding Sky Experiences. Whew! I nevertheless managed to collect all the courage in the world after having seen the big kiddos and other adventurers surviving the Edge Coaster with gusto. They even played on tilting the coaster over and over.. Omg!

Here are some photos taken by daughter and her friend (and the Tower's official photog)

The Crown Regency Hotel & Towers taken from the Museum Residence of Late Pres. Sergio Osmena.

Signage on the wall

Daughter posing on the Edge Coaster's rail track before dark.
Feeling like I'd be ejected from my seat.
Do I look scared? Lol!
My family plus daughter's special friend in the wacky mood before the freaky moment.
I was asked to extend my left limbs beyond the edge and that's the farthest I could give. Lol!
Hubby demonstrated how. Omg!
On the glass flooring where one can clearly see 38 floors below.

Those were just few of the exciting activities we had while in Cebu. Will post other escapades later. Thank you for your precious time. Have a great day!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Birthday bash post script - 1

We had gone out on another out of town escapade but let me share this birthday bash post script first. I cherish that outing we had and  I feel there are still a number of nice moments worth sharing so here it is...

Sunday, November 14, I woke up early and took a walk by the beach alone.  I had always thought of doing this every time I am drowned in my household chores. And that Sunday morning, I was so excited for that early morning stroll by the beach I so longed for.  Nothing was extraordinary but the moment of being alone in a place I love so much was so uplifting to my considerably weary spirit.  I love the cool morning breeze, the feel of the fine sand beneath my feet and the sound of the rustling waves that  race to the shore.  I wished I could stop the time and hang in there forever…

Back for breakfast in the resort's resto. Everyone seemed to have a good fill. Then a stroll around and short lull by the pool.   Then enjoyed the free live telecast of Pacquiao-Margarito Fight in our room, through the courtesy of resort's wifi connection. It was much fun watching all together  in one room. You could hear the oohhs and ahhs much louder. Lol!

We checked-out right after the boxing bout then headed on to Subic for Extreme Pizza

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still out here celebrating

We are now on our last day of our 3n/4d Bohol-Cebu vacation.  Yesterday was our 30th wedding anniversary and we had the most excellent celebration so far! I will post all our escapades as soon as we get home. In the meantime, here’s one of the best activity we had yesterday, the peak day of our short vacation.

All in complete gear ready to experience the electrifying Skywalk.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Bash in Bataan White Corals Beach Resort

Starry moonlit night, cool garden air, great food, wine and videoke, all these we had on Friday night at sis’ place. These things may already complete a birthday celebration but clearly, they weren’t so! They were only  “appetizers” of the real birthday bash. The following morning we all headed to the lovely White Corals Beach Resort in Morong, Bataan. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, it is an awesome place with ample amenities. I love the simple but attractive architecture designs of the cottages and the well manicured lawns and gardens. Adding as well the good services of the polite staff,  We arrived at the resort just in time for lunch. The boys unloaded our food from the car and we lunched in one of the open cottages by the pool just a few steps away from the beach itself. Our food?  As expected, no oysters and mussels but there was still the fave shrimps. Lol! I truly love all that was there!  Alluring pool, crystal clear water of the beach, fine sand and serene surroundings, great food by sis..ahh,  extreme happiness for me! 

The Resorts Facade

The Fresh water pool area across apartments.

The beckoning blue water of the beach.

Our Apartment: 1st and 2nd door to the left ground.

A place to rest after a good breakfast.
The celebrator alone but not lonely.

The Fresh water pool. Some of the villas for lease at the background.

Next was an afternoon of videoke-ing. Then a boat trip to Philippine Marine Turtles Sanctuary and to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. We only caught a glimpse of the completed but never fueled nuclear plant ‘cause  getting near it is prohibited.  I feel sorry for the Filipino people as I stare at the $2.3B "white elephant". Well,  I'll find time for that more serious subject. Meantime, back to where we are... the big kiddos went snorkeling in the deep water while we're engrossed on that dormant power plant. The sun had set when we headed back to the resort just in time to prepare dinner.

Disembarking the boat for the Turtles Sanctuary.

The view from the boat.

Nephew and kid: holding a live turtle for the first time.

The turtle egg's hatchery.

Newly hatched turtles.
The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Daughter with her prized catch: Blue Starfish

The TH Photographer.

That's all for now buddies!  ... But there's more coming up.  Thanks! Hope to see you again!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Comfy cottages by the beach

We had a comfortable overnight lodging in Morong,  Bataan.  Yeah, it was another weekend by the beach courtesy of my sis as she celebrated her birthday with us, her kinfolk.  We were not aware that she had gone out a week earlier to survey the place and look for a nice peaceful beach resort.  She drove   the long zigzag road only to search for comfy cottages to rent  where we could spend the night over.  A scenic beach resort in the coastal town of Morong, Bataan was a perfect choice. And last weekend, we were able to enjoy the place she reserved for her birthday bash. It is an awesome place with ample amenities like fresh water pool and salt water pool, videoke machine,  kiddie playground, and best of all, wifi connection! Unfortunately though,  I didn’t bring my laptop with me. (sigh!) On the second thought, I have no regret on not bringing my laptop.  I wouldn’t have the time to go online anyway ‘cause the occasion calls for many exciting bonding moments with all the kin present

To tell the truth, I was quite surprised to find such a superbly developed resort in the area.  I thought their kind could only be found in posh tourist destinations of Canary Island.  Imagine, they even have huge villas available for lease to foreigners?!  These luxurious villas may not be as splendid as those of classy villas in Lanzarote of Canary Island but mind you,  the 4 to 7 bedroom villas of this local resort can run second to those attractive villas of first class tourist spots.  Do I wish for a villa to stay in  next time we go back to Morong?   What for? The cozy cottages we had are more than enough!  What matter is the people I’m with and the time we have for one another!  Exactly like what we had last weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's my sis' birthday!

Now that you are celebrating your 25th birthday... 
(I can't tell your real age, because I know no one would believe me. pautang ha? Lol!) 
me, together with your sons, daughter, dil, granddaughter, nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews, bil and sil
are all wishing you... myspace graphic comments

May you forever enjoy God's abundant blessings of happy life, good health and more wealth!   


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Red tide in Bataan

A bad news has been aired in the early morning news today.  The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources has given out information that the coastal towns of Bataan are currently afflicted with Red tide.  Along with the information comes a warning against consuming shellfish harvested from those towns.  And that absolutely breaks my heart!  Why?  Because I will surely miss having mussels  and oysters on our outing this coming weekend.




You see, I always look forward to having prawns and other seafood every time we go outing in Bataan. This time around though, on my sis’ birthday blow-out,  seafood definitely would be missed out on the picnic table. I truly hate this red tide!  Now, I have my own guessing game what my Ate would prepare for her birthday blow-out.  I could hardly wait for weekend to come!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Our "Undas" 2010

For those who are not familiar with Tagalog words, the title means All Saints' Day 2010.  We commemorated the day by getting together in Holy Cross Memorial Park in Novaliches where my parents were buried and In the Holy Redeemer Church Columbary where my brother’s ashes was put to rest.  We spent the whole morning in my parents grave and the whole afternoon with my brother's.  I’m thankful  that my sis’ family and my brother’s son together with his family were able to join us in the cemetery.   My cam acted up again so got no photos of my own. Good thing, daughter was able to take some shots and I was able to grab these few.
Lighted candle for the souls  of the departed loved ones.

Wanna know whose hiding behind that umbrella?...


Ta daa!  He's none other than the mischievous kid, Kalvin, my grandnephew!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Web Business

Eons ago when I was yet working, I remember having those voluminous piles of documents all around the office.  But thanks to the emergence of computers, those files were eventually filed systematically.  Technologies are getting far more advance.  It’s not just about systematically and technologically putting in order a single office organization this time.  

A corporation can execute their own web hosting.  This means that they can allow their own websites to be used by their affiliated companies. Or for those who want to enter the web hosting business, they can lease their web sites, whether they own it or leased as well.   The web host may want to have a managed hosting.  Here, their web hosting would be backed up by professional services of highly skilled technical experts and other support teams.  

For those businesses based on the web, considering a colocation would be a great advantage. Servers on colocation normally are secured and get incomparable network speed.  If you are an individual or an institution contemplating on availing web services as mentioned above, you might as well scout for one that offers the best. Try and you'll surely get a superb web service!  

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