Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lunch at Leslie's Tagaytay

One Sunday a couple of weeks ago, we brought my Mil to Tagaytay and to Caleruega.  Although the family has just been there few months back, I thought she’d love those places so off we went along with my family.  We drove straight to Leslie’s for lunch, as the big kiddos long wanted to try the popular resto.  We reached the place at noontime and it’s already full packed.  We had to queue in for our turn to be seated.  I had my name listed and we were number 4. After few minutes, I was surprised to find more groups queuing after us. Hmmn..I was intrigued!  What makes this place click?
Fortunately, the queuing didn’t take too long though the orders took eons before they are served.  Waiting was compensated by the breezy surrounding and the magnificent view of Taal Volcano.  Mil requested for Bulalo because she wanted something hot.  But what she got was a lousy, very slightly heated soup.  We returned the fare and asked for a boiling hot soup.  The waiter politely agreed with yes ma’am, ..okay ma’am.. and so Mil was glad!  In no time, the Bulalo came back! … Alas! with nothing changed.  It’s still the same “not so hot” soup.  Duh!  Mil was too hungry to wait another while, so she just accepted and didn’t argue with the inept waiter anymore.

Now I really wonder what makes this restaurant click! If I would be asked to rate this restaurant, from 1 to 10 the latter being the highest, I’d give it a 4 or even a 3.  First of all the service wasn't good and the food was absolutely not good either. Prawns in butter and garlic sauce have raw garlic in them.  Shouldn’t it be cooked so that the natural flavor of the garlic would mix with the butter and prawns as well?  I was disappointed with the cooking but I was more disappointed with the prices.  They have a vantage view of the Taal Lake and Volcano alright, but we’ve seen many other restos that have equally great view and ambiance yet not as expensive. Other than that, all I saw were below par.  I mean, for a restaurant to command such high a price, ain’t it expected that everything they have be of par excellence?  Or if not, everything just be in proper order!  I’m sorry that I have to vent my disappointments here!

Leslie's Menu
Leslie's extension hall.
 Bulalo Soup.

 Prawns in garlic and butter. .
Fried Chicken.

Lechon Kawali

Laing: (Taro leaves in coconut milk) 

The faucet props at the rest room.

The view at Leslie's.

Right after our lunch, we crossed the fence to the adjacent Starbucks.  The big kiddos took out cappuccinos then we proceeded to Caleruega in Batangas.  Having explored every nook and cranny of the scenic place before, it wasn’t as much interesting like the first time we saw the place.  But for Mil, I thought she’d appreciate the beautiful landscape for it’s her first time there.  But I was disappointed when all she wanted was to go home right away.  She said she was afraid that the cool breeze would be bad for her weak health. No amount of explanation made her change her mind.  Nothing we could we do but abide.

The live manequin positioned in front of Starbucks.
The view at the backyard of Sarbucks.

The arch that divides Tagatytay and Batangas

Caleruega's walkway.

Pond of Koi Fingerlings.

Attractive Kois

We passed by the Mahogany Market for low-priced  Batangas beef.  I never wanted to miss the beef  there because it is 20-30% cheaper than in Metro manila.   Then we trekked the long dusty road to the Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm for some healthy honey. Sadly though, there's a limit to only two small jars to be bought. They have little stocks left and they want to give all who visit a chance to buy the very pure honey. Oh well..

There goes my late posting. Late because this happened two weeks ago and late because it’s really, really late now to catch my forty winks for the night.

See you guys and do take care!

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NENSA MOON said...

Hi beng,
sound you have had a great time with your MIL...
It's very disappointing indeed when got the very bad service on the resto which have a very highly in price...
I've also had the same experience... and it's very annoying ...
but I love all the pictures you've posted... They all looked

Wishing you the best,

rsmacaalay said...

Wow nakakamiss naman ang Tagaytay!

yonca said...

Beautiful pics Beng! A faucet props at the rest room? Love the idea and the pic of it.I wish I'm on Caleruega's walkway and smelling the fresh air righ now..looks beautiful.And the food you post looks delicious as usual.

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng...

Ay naku kaka disappoint nga...triple whammy....poor service, high price tapos di pa masarap. Bakit kaya sikat yung lugar. Malamang puro first timers yung mga parukyano nila....

@fiesta...oo used to be really bongga...ngayon daw halos wala na. Even the 'peryahan' that we used to enjoy when we were deteriorated through the years. Kaka miss...

Anyway, lapit na naman weekend. How's your foot nga pala? Nakakalakad ka na ba ng maayos?


Dhemz said...

oh mother of pearl! ang ganda nang place golly! ang sarap pa nang kainan...kakagutom!

Vernz said...

HI Beng, hayyy... naku! HS pa ako nagawi rito... hahaha... the place you've been too parati ko lang yan naririnig sa mga friends ko... ganda nga talaga...

thanks for dropping by pala..

Beth said...

Oo nga Ate Beng, tagal kong dumdalaw dito pero un ER post mo pa din nakikita ko hehehe. Ayoko naman magcomment uli ksi bka sabihin mo demanding ako hahahah!

I think Leslie's is just living up to its slogan: Nothing to overwhelm the tastebuds... hehehe. I think I agree with your MIL. Gusto ko din kasi sa soup, super hot! Un mapaso paso na un tongue ko. Un kasi ang tunay na soup. Bagay pa naman un sa climate ng Tagaytay.

Haven't been to Calereuga. I hope to check this out din sometime.

Have a happy weekend, Ate Beng. Sna di tumuloy un super typhoon no? :)

J said...

Leslie's?di pa ako napadpad dun. bago ba siya Tita B? I'm salivating pa rin just by looking at the pics.

Caleruega used to be a refuge for me and friends when I was still there. madalas namin dayuhin dati. in fact, I've attended a couple of retreats there.

hope your foot is now pain free.have a great and safe week ahead!

veroniz said...

Hi Beng!

You got an amazing blog here! :)

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I've replied to your questions. Check it out :)

veroniz said...

hi tita beng! thanks again for your comments on my blog posts :)

I've replied again to it, check it out :)

I forgot to tell you about Sumilon Island. You should also go there. They say it is such a beautiful island! :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, wow! You a good DIL. Not many like you.
I sure love the dishes.
Next time you feel like inviting an old man, let me know, ha ha ha.
Love the pics here....looks a fantastic place....and that Leslie's place....that is an awesome place and scene.
I bet on a moonlit night can see forever.
Have fun, ingat ka palagi, Lee.

chubskulit said...

Wow, I love the prawn TotaB. The water pump is cute and interesting!

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