Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eerie Night

It’s only few days left before Halloween. Spooky stuff and Halloween costumes abound in Malls.   TV channels are showing timely features about ghosts, life after death incidents and eerie experiences just like what is shown on a local TV morning show I was watching a while ago.  That brings to mind a weird incident I encountered at a friend’s wake many years back.  Here’s what happened:

A friend of mine (actually, she was a sister of a close friend) committed suicide by shooting herself at her heart one early dawn.  She was 40 and single and has 10 siblings most of which have families of their own. Having considered myself very close to her sister and to her, I opted to spend the first whole night of the wake with the siblings to show my sympathy. Yes, with the siblings! Or so I thought!  Early that night, most of the relatives were present but at around midnight, I realized that we were only three left inside the big funeral room. The two other people who remained along with me were mutual friends who has no relation with the departed friend except being close friends.  For us, it looked like it wasn't right but couldn’t do anything but to carry on with the vigil.   We just played some card games to while the time away and to avoid getting sleepy. . The huge funeral room was so quiet.  Not a single sound could be heard except the low hum of the aircon. The three of us were too engrossed with our game when all of a sudden, we heard a very loud thud that appeared to be someone has dragged and dropped one of the long heavy pews fronting the casket. We were somehow terrified but no one made the slightest move.   We chose to ignore and went on with our game.  "It could just be sound from the outside” our male companion rationalized.  “Okay, just don’t mind it.  It's nothing.  Let’s continue with the game!” We girls seconded trying to brush our fears away.  After  only few minutes, the silence in the room was broken again by another disturbing sound. This time resembling the sound produced by someone coughing out a lump from her throat.  We were stunned!  Horrified!  We looked at each others eyes trying to sense each one.  I had goose bumps and found out we all had.  Each very well knew where the coughing sound came from.  Yet, our male friend still investigated the surroundings. No one was around. It was only us.  I froze at my seat while our male friend walked straight to our friend lying in the coffin after he's done investigating the premises.  He talked to her as if she was alive. “Please don’t scare us dear friend. We are the only people here with you now as all your siblings have gone home.  You know Ate Beng is sick, but chose to sacrifice the night with you. And “friend” and I have office work tomorrow but doesn't mind the inconvenience of sleeplessness just for you.  Now, if you’re gonna scare us again you might be left alone here. I don’t think you’d want that to happen. So please refrain from doing that again.”   
After that, nothing eerie followed. We managed to stay awake for the vigil all through the night 'though we were somehow horrified. 

The morning after, the siblings and  relatives came in, one after another looking well rested.,  fresh and lively.  For a moment, I thought I was the relative and they, the friends!

...How could I forget?!

Note:  I later learned that in her last breath, that was the exact sound they heard from her. 

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Dhemz said...

my golly...the post title says it all...kakatakot naman...may she will rest in peace...my gosh sayang naman yong buhay nya.

NENSA MOON said...

What a creepy... You know I really shudder to read this post.
Luckily you have a brave male friend that time who could persuade the deceased so as to not bother you all again... hehe...

What a perfect story for halloween, Beng!
thanks for telling us here.

have a great halloween..

PinayWAHM said...

Creepy nga...kaso mas creepy ata yung mga kapatid nya? Wala man lang kahit isang nag stay? Di ba sila nahiya sa inyo? Hay buhay....

Can't remember kung ako eh may close encounter sa ganyan but I do believe dun sa 'paramdam'...maybe not always physical kasi minsan sa panaginip di ba?

Sad naman that a 40 yr old unattached woman would end her life like that. Hopefully, she found the peace and happiness [that may have eluded her when she was still amongst us] where she's at now.

Pagising mo eh TGIF na naman Ate Beng.

Happy weekend....a day [or two] in advance. Hehe...


[btw, my kaarawan eh sa UNDAS! Yun ang tawag sa Bulacan...not sure kung it's the Tagalog word for it.]

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, Holy Smoke! You mean she had a gun? And I can imagine how you all felt about the sounds....
I guess maybe its her spirit unhappy to leave?

But you were all very brave then.

I never knew where you are about keeping or staying overnight for the 'wake'?
First time read about this.

But good of the male friend to 'talk' to her....and yes, it does work.
I personally believe a person when dies, it takes the spirit about 7 days before departing for good.

Old days in Chinese homes, a bed would be put beside the closed, sealed coffin. And very often there will be an imprint of someone having slept on the bed. And no, not someone fooling around....

I guess such things beyond our understanding.
You have a nice day, ingat ka palagi, Lee.

Beng Gee said...

@Dhemz: I agree with you, Dhemz. Katakot talaga! At nanghinayang din kami sa buhay nya. She's relatively young then but she had talked to me about what to do on her wake if ever she dies. Didn't ever come to mind that it was serious for her.

@Nensa: Yes, we were really glad our male friend was courageous enough to talk straight to her beside her coffin. I wonder what could happen next if he didn't do that. Thanks for coming by Nensa!

@Pinay WAHM: Parang ka-turn off nga yung ginawa nila di ba? Hindi na lang sa 'min na naiwan dun kundi sa kapatid nila na nakahimlay. Parang naawa ako sa kanya. She was alone while she was alive, alone pa rin kahit sa burol nya. Hayy..
Ay,like you, naniniwala talaga ako sa panaginip. I had many instances na very believable yung mga eksena sa dreams ko at very clear ang messages ng departed.
Bilis ng TGIF 'no? Have a happy one too Huling!

@Uncle Lee: The Filipino Christian way is to keep vigil at least three or more nights where the body of the departed lies in state. It can be in Funeral Homes, in Chapels or in their own residences. Chinese and Filipinos have many similar beliefs with regards to funeral vigils like the offers near the coffin. Quite interesting eh!
Terima Kaseh for your time Lee! You take care too!

yonca said...

OhMy..just as the title says 'creepy', lol.

chubskulit said...

Oh my creeps! I think I might have a heart attack there TitaB wahhhh.. I think, it was your friends way of thanking you guys for staying with her... Thank you TitaB for always visiting, greatly appreciated!

Beng Gee said...

@Yonca: Yes it was indeed a creepy moment for us. Good thing my companions were that courageous.
Thanks for coming by Yonca!

@chubsculit: Sana nga ganun. Pero baka umaapila lang siya kasi, we were staying too far from the coffin and almost hidden from her. Ayaw kasi ng mga kasam ko sa malapit eh. Kaya hayun..
Don't mention it, Rose! I will always drop by whenever available. Ingat and thanks too!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, okay, I learned something today.
I guess if I have to keep virgil I'll start a poker game, ha ha. Lee.

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng!

salamat sa birthday greetings! Tumanda na naman ako ng isang taon...di talaga mapigilan....hahaha.

I miss having my birthday in the Phils kasi super dami ng tao everytime....haha. I guess that's the reason why I want to keep it low and quiet now....haha.

Enjoy the week..


PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng...

Hopping by here. TGIF na naman pagising mo....hehehe.....

Hope you week is going great....


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