Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Food trip: Jeepney Cafe Style

Few days earlier to our Clan’s Lunch get-together at Circles in Makati Shangrila, I had the chance to try first another Buffet meal in one of the popular fancy restaurants in Makati. Our niece took us (my sis and I) to Jeepney Café of Manila Intercontinental Hotel for a supposedly quick lunch. Nonetheless, it turned out to be the contrary because we spent much time on eating and chatting.  The Buffet lunch wasn’t actually the main purpose of our meet-up.  We were there (in the Intercon's lobby) to pick her up for her very important appointment that day. And since it’s already lunch time, niece dragged us to the Jeepney Café of the hotel.

Jeepney Café’s style of Buffet lunch I would say is simpler than other restaurants of its category.  The interior is pleasant and cozy but more informal.  The domed grillery is located right at the middle,  I suppose for every guest's easy access.  The food is fantastic but quite limited as compared to Circles.  Choices of appetizing fish  are aplenty as well as prawns and other seafood delight.  Meat fare is appealing but didn’t try except for the Prime Rib which scored perfect for me.  Truly mouth watering!  I think I consumed a big slice and yet found room for desserts. Ha ha ... Well,  it’s no surprise.  That’s how big my appetite is!  Lol!

Still could smile though about to foot the bill. Lol!

My sis and our niece.

The big eater. ...Lol!

'Twas  another fabulous food trip.  For this, I must acknowledge the generosity of my beloved niece Raquel.  Thank you!.  Love you so much!

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PinayWAHM said...

Grabe Ate Beng...your posts about these food trips you've been making don't fail to make me hungry. Gwwaabee...parang ang sarap sarap. Out of curiousity...mahal ba ang bayad dyan? Kasi parang mahal considering the locations eh....curious lang ba ako...hehe...

Anyway, I was finally able to sleep soundly last night...and I was able to turn in earlier than usual. Medyo refreshed na ako....medyo medyo lang...parang major major....hehe.

Thanks for the visit and for sharing your food escapades....who knows baka makapunta ako dyan one of these days [years, maybe?]....


yonca said...

Lol, did you say 'eating and chatting'? I'm in:))
Lovely pics!
Have a wonderful day Beng Gee!

Jen said...

The food is really superb at the Manila Intercon! I've been there twice too. Nice pictures Beng Gee!

PinayWAHM said...

Thanks for the nice comment Ate Beng. Ay sinabi mo....kailangan talaga suportahan kahit minsan halos di na namin sya nakikita. Yung mga misis ng mga kasama nya eh puro reklamo daw about them working long hours na kasehodang walang panahon yung mga mister nila sa kanila. Kaya naman kahit paano eh prawd sya sa akin kasi naiintindihan ko...daw. Hahaha. Ako kasi I'm just thankful na kahit paano may trabaho sila...konting sakripisyo lang for now.

Hope your week is going well...


NENSA MOON said...

Hmmm... sounds you have a wonderful time with your niece and your sister..
Love to see you enjoy and happy wth your family.
you really looked great on the pic.

Happy Friday, beng!

J said...

food trip na food trip nga. I miss the two places. the last time I step foot on both was in 2005. good to know oks pa rin ang food.

have a safe and fun weekend Tita B.

Dhemz said...

sama ako sau next time titaBeng...ehehehe...ang sarap kasi nang kainan nyo eh....kakagutom!

Btw, you are invited to join my giveaway contest. Hope you can join us! Thanks....:)

chubskulit said...

The big eater looks gorgeous hehehe.

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