Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lunch at Circles Event Cafe: A Surprise Break

Got plenty of work to do but couldn’t find enough time to finish all of them.  Indeed,  multi-tasking is not an easy feat especially for an all around “maid” like me.  Good thing some fleeting angels (not a maid this time though) appeared briefly and gave me a break from my regular conference with those pots and pans,  et al.   Angels here refer to my niece and her husband who were in town for a number of important business meetings. They were back after a year and had managed to gather the family/clan for a lunch get-together in none other than niece’s fave place, the Circles Event Cafe in Makati Shangri-la. ‘Twas another fantastic get-together although we were short of time ‘cause the couple were flying back to San Diego early that night. Twas maybe a “bitin” reunion, but long enough to satisfy our desire to see each other again after quite a while.  I just hope this will happen again soon, even if not in a posh place such as Circles!

Makati Shangrila's Lobby (courtesy of the Hotel's website)

My visiting niece from San Diego, Calif.

My Kuya's (+) family.

With nieces, s-i-l  and son

My own family

The siblings.  My deceased big brother is replaced here by his
unico hijo who inherited the looks of our brother.

Daughter with her cousin and his cute son at the background.

My forever top favorite: Peking duck

Spicy chicken

Seafood... lots of '\em

Japanese food

Roast beef    .. love this!

Salads..  concoct your own

Sweets.. yummy thing!

Strawberry dessert  .. taste bud's delight

This is all for now friends.  More updates coming soon.   Have a great day everyone!

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Beth said...

I like the spicy chicken! ang sarap naman dun sa Shangrila! yummy looking un mga food. good to know that nakapag-take a break, have a kitkat ka! :) you look lovely, Ate Beng. Mana sa yo daughter mo :)

chubskulit said...

Wow TitaB, bonggacious talaga ang family nyo, ang gaganda pa hehehe.. Nice family bonding!

PinayWAHM said...

Ano ba naman yan at ginutom ako sa mga pagkain...eh kakakain ko lang....hahaha.

Good to see na ikaw eh may 'day-off'....hehe. Hopefully ibalik ka ni Kuya Tom dyan sa lugar na yan for being the all around helper sa bahay.

Naku si M...daig ako pag nag shopping. Ang masama pa...he doesn't look at prices. If he likes it, he'll buy it. Kailangan talaga eh nandun ako to put the brakes on him. Good thing hindi sya basta basta bibili without consulting the 'bank' [me?..hehe]. As much as possible eh I let him dahil sya naman ang 'breadwinner'...

Have a great weekend!


Vernz said...

Hi Beng, thanks for dropping by On This Side of Town.. wow look good together ... happy beautiful people... God bless your family...

yonca said...

It's 3.30 am here and all those yummy foods made me feel hungry. Is it too early for breakfast? Haha..
You have a lovely family Beng Gee.Beautiful pics!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Beng Gee, how you doin'? Hey...for some reason or other your header pic and other pics not showing in my computer, unlike before.
Not sure if my Apple or whatever.
Will try again later.

By the way, have you seen that movie, "The King and I"?
You have a nice day, Ingat ka palagi, Lee.

Dhemz said...

ang bongga talaga nang angkan mo te...sosyal...ehehehe!

nakakagutom dito...yum!

angelle said...

Hi Ms. Beng Gee! Your blog is cool! I love the pictures and your adventures as well ;)
Maica Angelle

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