Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Food trip: Jeepney Cafe Style

Few days earlier to our Clan’s Lunch get-together at Circles in Makati Shangrila, I had the chance to try first another Buffet meal in one of the popular fancy restaurants in Makati. Our niece took us (my sis and I) to Jeepney Café of Manila Intercontinental Hotel for a supposedly quick lunch. Nonetheless, it turned out to be the contrary because we spent much time on eating and chatting.  The Buffet lunch wasn’t actually the main purpose of our meet-up.  We were there (in the Intercon's lobby) to pick her up for her very important appointment that day. And since it’s already lunch time, niece dragged us to the Jeepney Café of the hotel.

Jeepney Café’s style of Buffet lunch I would say is simpler than other restaurants of its category.  The interior is pleasant and cozy but more informal.  The domed grillery is located right at the middle,  I suppose for every guest's easy access.  The food is fantastic but quite limited as compared to Circles.  Choices of appetizing fish  are aplenty as well as prawns and other seafood delight.  Meat fare is appealing but didn’t try except for the Prime Rib which scored perfect for me.  Truly mouth watering!  I think I consumed a big slice and yet found room for desserts. Ha ha ... Well,  it’s no surprise.  That’s how big my appetite is!  Lol!

Still could smile though about to foot the bill. Lol!

My sis and our niece.

The big eater. ...Lol!

'Twas  another fabulous food trip.  For this, I must acknowledge the generosity of my beloved niece Raquel.  Thank you!.  Love you so much!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Effective online tutoring

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lunch at Circles Event Cafe: A Surprise Break

Got plenty of work to do but couldn’t find enough time to finish all of them.  Indeed,  multi-tasking is not an easy feat especially for an all around “maid” like me.  Good thing some fleeting angels (not a maid this time though) appeared briefly and gave me a break from my regular conference with those pots and pans,  et al.   Angels here refer to my niece and her husband who were in town for a number of important business meetings. They were back after a year and had managed to gather the family/clan for a lunch get-together in none other than niece’s fave place, the Circles Event Cafe in Makati Shangri-la. ‘Twas another fantastic get-together although we were short of time ‘cause the couple were flying back to San Diego early that night. Twas maybe a “bitin” reunion, but long enough to satisfy our desire to see each other again after quite a while.  I just hope this will happen again soon, even if not in a posh place such as Circles!

Makati Shangrila's Lobby (courtesy of the Hotel's website)

My visiting niece from San Diego, Calif.

My Kuya's (+) family.

With nieces, s-i-l  and son

My own family

The siblings.  My deceased big brother is replaced here by his
unico hijo who inherited the looks of our brother.

Daughter with her cousin and his cute son at the background.

My forever top favorite: Peking duck

Spicy chicken

Seafood... lots of '\em

Japanese food

Roast beef    .. love this!

Salads..  concoct your own

Sweets.. yummy thing!

Strawberry dessert  .. taste bud's delight

This is all for now friends.  More updates coming soon.   Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's new?


I’m always lazy to update my blogs. Sorry for that folks! The reason is that my loyal “angel” (maid) had not returned, (obviously she’s not loyal anymore, hu hu!) and looks like I’m gonna deal with these odd jobs around me all on my own forever. Anyhow, the big kiddos here give their hands on weekends or whenever they’re free so , I’m still doing fine, so far, so good. Lol!

So what’s new? Well, I would say that I’m sick and tired of all the news updates regarding that hostage taking tragedy. The government officials can’t seem to get over with that major humiliation brought about by their disappointing response to the mentioned crisis. Thus, investigations keep going on and on and on.. on TV.

The weather has often been fine. Just the right time to go somewhere or out of town considering that Mil has little time remaining before she goes back to Australia. I feel sad for her that she hasn’t been given the time like she used to get on her previous visits. I suppose the problem lies with hubs biking hobby. It always snatches his time which is( to him )very addicting that he can’t be stopped from pedaling every single free day he gets. So we’re now on stand by mode until he finds the time. “..paging the mountain biker…”

I hope you are all enjoying the week! See you again buddies!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today is son's day myspace graphic comments

May all the blessings you need be with you today and all the coming years of your life. We all love you Luigi!!

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