Friday, June 11, 2010

To dream is free

I won't deny that the happiest time of my life is when I am out on vacation with my family. Although we had several out of town travels, it was only with hubby alone sans the two big kiddos when it comes to out of the country vacations. There were some plans of Asian tour but hindrances came in sight thus, the often aborted family holiday.

Currently, Mil who is based in Australia is in town again for the next six months of the year together with Sil who flew in from California to simultaneously enjoy the holiday with MIL and the whole clan here in the country. Two family members but two different nationalities now, both are inviting us for a visit to their respective adopted countries. Mil who has once brought us to Sydney promised a Sydney trip for the two big kiddos this time. These two people are now hoping and dreaming of exploring Sydney and it's nearby cities in the near future. Ain't that a big savings on our own travel pocket? On the other hand, the ever kind and generous Sil promised to offer a personal tour guide and a free board and lodging when we fly to California. However, in case we'd really visit her, I'd rather stay in one of those Anaheim hotels so we won't be much of a burden to her. Anyway, I've heard from my own niece who had stayed in one of the family hotels in Anaheim that the place is as fabulous as Kyoto hotels and classy and strategically located as Tokyo hotels. I believe she knew it by heart cos she used to travel everywhere around the world for business reasons and leisure as well. Her endless praises for the good service and fabulous accommodation for those hotels were embedded in my mind that I dream of experiencing them myself.

Well, there's nothing that excites me now than the thought of a family holiday in the U.S. of A and staying in one of Anaheim hotels or short visit to Mil and Sil in Sydney, Australia with my own family staying in equally fabulous hotels as those of Kyoto hotels or Tokyo hotels. Yes, why not?! To dream is free. Right?

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J said...

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel is an awesome temporary digs while in Anaheim. We stayed there a few years ago.

anyway, belated birthday greetings to the man of the house. hope he had a blast!

take care Tita B and stay safe!


Beng Gee said...

I believe you J when you say DGC Hotel is an awesome hotel cos I know you are one who never would settle for anything less. ... Si J pa?!! he he..

Salamat sa pagbati, in behalf of the celebrator.

Have a great weekend!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Beng Gee, dreams do come true, and without dreams to flavour our lives and soul, life is just black and white. It is dreams that brings out the rainbow after a rain.

My wife and I have not gone for holidays many years, as well never returned to where we came from about 10 years. But, we too have dreams of one day soon making a trip back.

And like you, my wife and I never keen on staying with relatives, but rather in hotels, be it 3 star or whatever. Especially as I need my iced coffee and my Lucky Strike after meals, ha ha.

And of course of one day dropping by where you are, and inviting you and hubby for seafood dinner...where they don't serve those eggs with, ha know what I mean.
You have a pleasant weekend and stay beautiful, Lee.

Cheryl said...

Wow, two wonderful opportunities at once to travel...Hard to decide I would imagine! I hope you get to travel to both places.

J said...

nandito ulit ako, hope your weekend is going great.


Beng Gee said...

Yes Cheryl, I hope so too! But most likely, the Sydney trip has a better chance to happen due to easier visa procurement than that of the U.S.. Thanks for dropping by Cheryl!

Beng Gee said...

Salamat sa dalaw ulit, J! 'Love to always have you here!

Enjoy your day!

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