Friday, June 25, 2010

Old and new

Our old ref had to rest. After about 15 years of service in this busy household, it had to step aside and give way to a taller and more roomy one. Though the old ref has shown only minimal symptoms of old age, like the normal wear and tear on the outside body, hubby thought of replacing it with a bigger, brand new one just because he suspects it to be the culprit in our soaring high electric bill. Poor old ref! No defense for "him" came into view although the accusation hasn't been proven. He seems to cry... "why blame me when you got your air conditioner and other appliances working all the time?!" Quite pathetic but everyone in the house love to have the new good looking model. Nonetheless, I'm hoping that he'll find a new interested household that could still enjoy his excellent cooling service and durability. He's now standing by and waiting for buyer to come over and bring him home. Good luck, old ref!

Our new ref is similar to this 10.5 cu. ft..
(Only ours is 15 cu. ft.)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Celebration

And so, today is Father's Day! I hope all the fathers I know had a wonderful day with their families! We're glad, the father of the house here at least spent the evening with us after spending the whole day biking like he used to do on weekends. We treated him to dinner in a Chinese Restaurant and that's about it. It is just another commercialized celebration according to him, as we had to wait in queue for an available table for us. tsk tsk.. It was indeed a day to celebrate most especially by restaurateurs. (Lol!) Anyway, be it commercialized or not, we still feel the need to celebrate just to make him feel that we appreciate all his struggles to give us, his family the comfortable life we have, if I may say so. Thanks to you, dear! myspace graphic comments

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Despedida Outing in Pangasinan

On the early morning of a partly cloudy Saturday, my family together with younger Sil and Bil drove to Pangasinan to visit our Lady of Manaoag and to join the elder Sil's despedida outing in San Fabian, Pangasinan. The group had been here many times but sans the visiting Sil. Now that her two weeks vacation is over, she's going back to her adopted home in California to her Mexican American husband. The whole family, including Mil, her siblings, her children and grand children gathered together in San Fabian to hold a sort of a despedida outing.

Disappointingly though, hubby as usual took off on his bike and didn't bother to join us in our lunch. Okay, I gotta mention that we had to take our lunch in a resto since it's already way past noon when we left Manaoag. Everyone looked pretty hungry after hours of driving around looking for a nice place to eat. But each faces lit with a smile right after the sumptuous meal . The rest of the day was spent on the cottage/beach. There was a lot of cooking and grilling, eating, drinking and videoke-ing but my own family had to leave the group in the midst of merriment. Unfortunately, we're not aware that the outing is overnight. Nonetheless, we had our share of enjoyment. The few hours spent with Sil and the clan was truly a delightful moment.

Hopefully, we'll be seeing her again next year. Have a blessed flight my dear Sister-in-law!

Friday, June 11, 2010

To dream is free

I won't deny that the happiest time of my life is when I am out on vacation with my family. Although we had several out of town travels, it was only with hubby alone sans the two big kiddos when it comes to out of the country vacations. There were some plans of Asian tour but hindrances came in sight thus, the often aborted family holiday.

Currently, Mil who is based in Australia is in town again for the next six months of the year together with Sil who flew in from California to simultaneously enjoy the holiday with MIL and the whole clan here in the country. Two family members but two different nationalities now, both are inviting us for a visit to their respective adopted countries. Mil who has once brought us to Sydney promised a Sydney trip for the two big kiddos this time. These two people are now hoping and dreaming of exploring Sydney and it's nearby cities in the near future. Ain't that a big savings on our own travel pocket? On the other hand, the ever kind and generous Sil promised to offer a personal tour guide and a free board and lodging when we fly to California. However, in case we'd really visit her, I'd rather stay in one of those Anaheim hotels so we won't be much of a burden to her. Anyway, I've heard from my own niece who had stayed in one of the family hotels in Anaheim that the place is as fabulous as Kyoto hotels and classy and strategically located as Tokyo hotels. I believe she knew it by heart cos she used to travel everywhere around the world for business reasons and leisure as well. Her endless praises for the good service and fabulous accommodation for those hotels were embedded in my mind that I dream of experiencing them myself.

Well, there's nothing that excites me now than the thought of a family holiday in the U.S. of A and staying in one of Anaheim hotels or short visit to Mil and Sil in Sydney, Australia with my own family staying in equally fabulous hotels as those of Kyoto hotels or Tokyo hotels. Yes, why not?! To dream is free. Right?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Tom's Day Today! myspace graphic comments
Just wanna dedicate this to the man who is tall and handsome when it's dark! ... whom I have loved since many years past and will keep on loving today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life!

I Love  You

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