Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thinking of ways to chill out

What can be most relaxing to a stay at home mom than go out of the house and leave the pots and pans behind. No one would argue about an overly worked mom needing rest too, I supposed! As most of you know, I've been drowned in the sea of a construction mess and couldn't lift myself out. I was literally catching my breath to keep up with the piles of work. Thus, when my "partner in crime" (my friend Lyn) called up the other day to have a dinner out, I didn't think twice. We dined together in a popular Chinese Resto and talked about getting our own ways of chilling out. I suggest going out of town in a place in far north or distant south. She likes the idea but for the meantime, she prefers to try out and experience playing games in a casino for fun. I have gone to an actual casino myself but I guess, the current popularity of online casino is far better than the actual one. I hate the crowded and smoky place not considering the inconvenience of traversing the heavy traffic jammed roads leading to the casino. Hence, when I brought up the idea of playing casino online she readily agreed. Not bad she said, cos she can enjoy the fun anytime she wants it.

And for the time being, we have thought of going out of town somewhere in the north. I just have to smoothen out some tasks and obligations that would be left behind. It is a nice feeling to breath in some fresh air and smell some flowers out of the four corners of your chaotic confines. And how glad I am to have "my partner in crime" to chill out with me!

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Cheryl said...

You are very fortunate to have "a partner in crime"! Thats the most fun! Hope all is settling down around you and you can finally relax. So glad you are continuing with your posts.

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