Thursday, May 13, 2010

On leave

I think I have to file an indefinite vacation leave for the blogs of mine. After the laptop crashed, I could no longer use it properly. It obviously needs further fixing but no one could find time for it. I've been waiting for some SOS but everyone here is busy with their own thing. hu hu.. I was informed this buddy of mine (the laptop) needs to be reformatted. So, to save all the files and to be able to use it temporarily, it has to be reprogrammed. It's been reprogrammed all right, but the files remain unsaved. As I've mentioned before I'm not techy, so that means I need to be assisted. Just don't know what to do now. I'm so used to the previous program and settings but could hardly find it this time. Thus, I'm losing interest in turning it on. I learned damage is getting bigger in terms of paid ops. I just received a warning for not responding to the blog ad offers. Omg! Who on earth wouldn't want to earn even just few bucks? Well, the moneyed, I guess! But definitely not me. That's the consequence of all these hiccups. I hope SOS will arrive soon.

So to all of you my blogger buddies, it's goodnight but not goodbye! Rest assured I'll still visit your sites. Take care always!

4 Comentários:

Uncle Lee said...

Beng Gee, drop by my place. I have something interesting for you, *wink*. Lee.

Cheryl said...

So sorry to learn of the computer problems. I will be here when you return!

J said...

oh no, I can imagine your frustration, kasi pareho lang tayong waladin ka-alam-alam with anything technical.

I hope someone comes to the rescue soon. take care Tita B!


Dhemz said...

ouchhhhhhhh.....nakakafrustrated....ganyan din nangyari sa lappy ko dati te...nagcrashed...pero d na namin pina reprogramm...we only replace the battery...

musta na po kau? salamat po sa dalaw...glad to hear from you again!

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