Monday, May 31, 2010

Back to School Mom

Yesterday, we attended the baptismal party or the christening of our niece's baby. She and her husband decided to get it over and done before the school opens. So what's school opening event happens to do with their baby's christening? Ha ha.. no big deal really! It's just that the mother (our niece) is going back to school after dropping-out for a year or so due to accidental pregnancy. At the party, she talks of the anxieties she can't get over with. She wonders if she could manage being a wife, a mother and at the same time, a student. I believe she could very well handle her time. She never had any problem in academics in anyway, unlike others who have to seek chemistry help often and have to wrestle with the difficulties of solving chemistry problems. A lot of times, chemistry answers comes easy to her, somehow.

Nonetheless, I could see how determined our niece is in finishing her course. If in case she'd be needing physics help I'll just refer her to With this online tutor available for all students, whatever physics problems that may come before her, finding physics answers will just be a walk in the park. Even becoming a physics problem solver can be an easy feat.

It is loud and clear that niece has no reason to be anxious about. Her bright and well balanced personality is sufficient to reach her goal.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dead tired

Yeah, so dead tired from the various chores I was regularly doing lately. I still feel my lower back aches and my hand feeling a certain pain specifically on my right thumb. I only wanted to rest the whole day today but couldn't do. There are still a lot to be done and no one will do it for me. My maid is yet on vacation. My right thumb is almost numb from the daily routine and even as I strike this lappy's key board, I could feel pain in my wrist down to my thumb. I suppose, I gotta go and retire for bed now. I only wanna do some updating here after days of disappearance.

Goodnight everyone! Keep smiling!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Investing on Gold for Future Retirement

Are you on the lookout for the right investment? There is no denying that gold continually escalates in value. With the present global crisis that's been looming on, more and more investors confidently entrust their savings on gold. Many are placing physical gold in IRA's (Individual Retirement Account) because gold IRA accounts certainly gets favored by the declining economic, political, or financial conditions. These negative factors affect the price of gold to increase, unlike other investments such as stocks and bonds that tend to lose its present value. This magnifies the reason why a large number of investors choose the gold IRA transfer or the 401k gold roll over. Yes, gold 401k account can be rolled over to gold IRA account! When the employee/investor has retired or has been separated from the company he works in, he can make the necessary roll over of his gold 401k account to gold IRA account.

If you wonder what kind of gold is being accepted in IRA account, the U.S. government allows Gold Eagle and Gold Proof American Eagle to be held in IRA. In some instances wherein you want to take possession of your physical IRA gold, you can use a designated precious metals depository for the storage of gold. For the many other questions you may have in mind, you could easily receive factual information from Go ahead and learn more about the precious metal worth investing, nothing else but gold!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Online tutor available anytime

Have you gone out on a vacation trip yet? I bet you already had 'cause school opening is now around the corner. Summer vacation will be over and kids will be returning to school. Soon, they will be facing the rigorous tasks of finding math answers. School life is obviously full of various home assignments. The reason why some parents look for tutors for their children. Most students of higher level do search for calculus help or maybe wanting to get ready thus they need precalculus help. I remember when I was still in school, I used to bother my big brother for badly needed math homework help. You see, I wasn't really good at numbers and I was truly glad he was always there to lend me a hand. My big brother, (God bless his soul) was blessed with special talent in numbers. He was exceptional in solving college algebra problems that is why I didn't have difficult time when I was needing algebra homework help.
I was very fortunate 'cause during that time, I had a tutor at arms reach. But for those who have no one to turn to for the math problems they have, there's always, the leading online tutoring company in the world. They have free college algebra help. They also offer tutoring package for only $99.99 a month for all subjects and mind you, students can use their service as much as they want, whenever they need it because tutoring is available 24X7. Why not try the free demo they offer? Nothing to loose anyway! By then you'll know how good the service they offer.

Thinking of ways to chill out

What can be most relaxing to a stay at home mom than go out of the house and leave the pots and pans behind. No one would argue about an overly worked mom needing rest too, I supposed! As most of you know, I've been drowned in the sea of a construction mess and couldn't lift myself out. I was literally catching my breath to keep up with the piles of work. Thus, when my "partner in crime" (my friend Lyn) called up the other day to have a dinner out, I didn't think twice. We dined together in a popular Chinese Resto and talked about getting our own ways of chilling out. I suggest going out of town in a place in far north or distant south. She likes the idea but for the meantime, she prefers to try out and experience playing games in a casino for fun. I have gone to an actual casino myself but I guess, the current popularity of online casino is far better than the actual one. I hate the crowded and smoky place not considering the inconvenience of traversing the heavy traffic jammed roads leading to the casino. Hence, when I brought up the idea of playing casino online she readily agreed. Not bad she said, cos she can enjoy the fun anytime she wants it.

And for the time being, we have thought of going out of town somewhere in the north. I just have to smoothen out some tasks and obligations that would be left behind. It is a nice feeling to breath in some fresh air and smell some flowers out of the four corners of your chaotic confines. And how glad I am to have "my partner in crime" to chill out with me!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

On leave

I think I have to file an indefinite vacation leave for the blogs of mine. After the laptop crashed, I could no longer use it properly. It obviously needs further fixing but no one could find time for it. I've been waiting for some SOS but everyone here is busy with their own thing. hu hu.. I was informed this buddy of mine (the laptop) needs to be reformatted. So, to save all the files and to be able to use it temporarily, it has to be reprogrammed. It's been reprogrammed all right, but the files remain unsaved. As I've mentioned before I'm not techy, so that means I need to be assisted. Just don't know what to do now. I'm so used to the previous program and settings but could hardly find it this time. Thus, I'm losing interest in turning it on. I learned damage is getting bigger in terms of paid ops. I just received a warning for not responding to the blog ad offers. Omg! Who on earth wouldn't want to earn even just few bucks? Well, the moneyed, I guess! But definitely not me. That's the consequence of all these hiccups. I hope SOS will arrive soon.

So to all of you my blogger buddies, it's goodnight but not goodbye! Rest assured I'll still visit your sites. Take care always!

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