Sunday, April 4, 2010

Potpot Invades Potipot

Yes, Potpot had a grand time in Potipot Island! (Nice rhyming eh!) He was with us when we drove to Candelaria,, the second farthest town of the Province of Zambales. We left the house in the morning of Thursday, April 1 to spend two nights of the four day holiday in the much talked about Potipot Island. Daughter and I persevered to reach the island though hubby was adamant to drive that far. We arrived at the place late afternoon and started to comb all the resorts for available cottage or room. As expected, every nook of each resorts were already occupied and even setting up of tents were not allowed. Luckily, we found the resort named “Bakasyunan ni Doc” (Doc’s Vacation Place) and they allowed us to put up our own tents for a fee of 1000ps/a night. Honestly, I feel it was pretty steep but what can we do, there’s nowhere to go and besides, it’s peak season. We should understand! Nevertheless, the owner that is Dr. Mon Edejer is very friendly and kind! Moreover, his lovely wife is caring enough to always check on our safety.

We trekked the NLEX and SCTex going to Zambales.

The reception area of Potipot Gateway: Our firat choice of resort
but fully booked.

This big house in Bakasyunan ni Doc is priced 5000/night.

These Nipa Huts are priced 1000ps/night.

A carabao pulled cart look alike but actually one place to rest on in
Bakasyunan ni Doc.

Our tiny space in the resort.

We slept on our tents for the night but we were unlucky to be near another tent occupied by a big group. They were having great fun till the wee hour of the morning that they never cared if they were disturbing other people on the resort.

The following morning, we woke up excited to set foot on Potipot Island which is a 5 minute boat ride.
Hubby as usual went his own way, this time exploring the nearby towns of Zambales and Pangasinan on his bike. I, together with the big kiddos boarded Doc’s boat and headed to Potipot Island. The boat cost 500ps two way.

A boat heading towards Potipot Island.
The island is privately owned and undeveloped though there are a number of cottages available for overnight tourists. Tents are very much welcomed and on that occassion, the small island mushroomed with masses of colorful tents everywhere.

We took a dip in the crystal clear waters after strolling on the sugary fine white sand of the shore. And here, Potpot had a great time swimming.
Potpot doing his favorite butterfly stroke. Ha ha ha..

This couple caught and zoomed in by daughter's cam.

The island appeared to be like another Boracay that time, teeming with tourists clad in bikinis. I truly, truly, truly love the place. I wish to go back. Hopefully soon! (wink.)

We went back to our resort by noontime to have our lunch. While eating, we decided to cut short our vacation.

For the time being, it was enough for us to have seen Potipot.Island. The decision to cut short our vacation was prompted by the discomfort of a jam packed restrooms. Perhaps if we had our own private cottage, we could have enjoyed the place much better and may have used up the whole stretch of the holiday.

We left the resort at around 5pm then passed by SBMA to have dinner at the Aristocrat Restaurant. As we waited for our food, I came to realize I wasn’t able to pay our boat ride. Feeling so ashamed, I texted and call the owner, Dr.Mon Edejer to apologize as well as ask how I can send my payment. Unfortunately, his cell phone was unattended. Well, maybe I can take this opportunity to call his attention just in case his son would really visit this blog site of mine as he told me he will.
Aristocrat's popular fare: Chicken Barbecue et al.

Btw, this is a note to Doc’s son. Just leave a message or comment here if ever you drop by. I want to let you know that we appreciate the kind and warm treatment you gave us, as your guests. We will surely come back to your "Bakasyunan ni Doc" if there's a chance and an available room or cottage as well!.

That's all we had for our summer holiday folks. I hope you guys had much better days than what we had. See you soon in your sites. Thanks for dropping by!

Happy Easter everyone!

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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Beng Gee, wow! I love these pics, well taken and very creative photography too.
I love those outrigger boats....only see them in your country....incidentally when in school, I was very good at geography but there were three words that I had problems spelling, your country's name, Mississippi and pineapples, ha ha.

But hey, I can spell Tinikling! Ha ha.
Love that resort....and Potpot looks so cute too. Bet he had a good time swimming.
Love your family pics, and ahemm, you have a beautifil family, and they a traffic stopper mama, *wink*.
Have fun, don't forget the sunburn lotion and stay beautiful, INGAT, Lee.

alf said...

hi tita beng. happy easter. thanks for sharing patipot. it is a beautiful place. nice photos too. enjoy your summer.

chubskulit said...

Wow TitaB, vacation galore to the max kayo dyan ah, Happy Easter po!

Mari said...

It seems like a lovely place to visit and relax.

Thanks for sharing.

maria said...

Ang ganda dyan!

Life's sweets and spices
The Modern Mom
Life's Tricky Situations
Take a coffee break...

yonca said...

What a beautiful place!I wish I was there right now:)I'm following you now:) Have a wonderful day!
Hope to see you around my blog sometime:)

Mom Daughter Style said...

looks like a great place for a vacation

Tom D' Biker said...

It's "Beach Hauz ni Dok".

Vernz said...

That's quite an adventure ... love the tower house ... good for you tita beng all your kids are big na .... mine they are all so tiny, huhuhu, you have to bring the whole house when you go ....

Cheryl said...

Oh what an amazing trip you had! Sounds as if you all made the best of it and had a great time. The photos are fantastic. You have a lovely family!

J said...

"potpot in potipot" hahaha. I just had a big laugh!

the pics are awesome, and yes, the food, pag magatagal pa ako dito, I won't stop drooling over. I so miss real Pinoy foods.


Dhemz said...

my gosh...nakakabaliw yung getaway nyo titabeng....kaka all the photos btw....great shots!

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