Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blame the On-going House Remodelling

Hey, how are you my blogger buddies and all those who are taking time to drop by! Sorry that I have to leave this blog unattended for a long time. Since my laptop crashed, I just set it aside and abandoned it. Oh, btw, hubby was able to fix the said laptop but only for a very short while. After a little blog hopping, it was back to its old bad condition (sigh!). I couldn't care less cos I got other things that need attention too. Though it has been fixed by daughter's friend since last Tuesday, (it's been re-programmed. many thanks, Jonathan!) still, I couldn't find time to go online. Oh my! I'm busy, busy, busy! 'Just found out that there were some ops that expired. Meaning, some moolah had slipped off my hand. I could only blame the on-going house remodelling. It's almost done anyway. The ceiling and the kitchen counter make-over took the longest time of work. Maybe only a week more to go and the re-painting is over. Then the general cleaning. I can hardly wait to see the new look of our house sans the chaos. Then perhaps, I can normally attend to my blogs once again! For now, I hope you will bear with me cos I'm not sure if I can visit your sites. Nevertheless. I'll try my very best to drop by. So, see you there!

Thanks everyone and have an enjoyable day!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Laptop Crashes

After the roof replacement project, the house remodeling continues. It ties me up once again.
But it isn't the reason why I'm offline. It's because my laptop crashes! After Java automatic uploading, windows failed to start. It says "recent hardware or software change might be the cause." "Windows failed to load because a required file is missing, or corrupt." I'm not techy, hence, I have no idea how to fix the trouble. I have yet to bring it to a technician. I'm only taking advantage of daughter's accidentally left behind netbook while she's on another summer escapade.

Just trying to keep my blogger friends and visitors notified of my temporary offline status. Wil be right back after crash is fixed. See you around asap!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shabu-Shabu Again!

We were back in Tong Yang Restaurant again last Thursday, April 8. I and my friend Lyn tried the Lunch buffet this time around sans the special crabs. It was an exceedingly filling eat-all-you-can meal at a very reasonable price. We barely touched the desserts consisting of fresh fruits, ice cream, sweets, and halo-halo. Every food we picked was truly satisfying, and though it’s embarrassing to admit, I did indulge to extreme level. But take note, after we had a few walks around the SM Fairview Mall, we took a rest at Green Mango, the latest Yogurt Ice Cream Shop in that mall. We ordered the large size with three toppings and that seems to complete our pleasurable treat for that day. Thinking it was yet early, we squandered our time bowling till early evening until hubby picked us up on his way home. It was a real chill out time for the stressed stay at home moms. That break brought us to plan another much higher level of unwinding escapade. I will post it as soon as it’s confirmed. I hope it’ll push through.

Now you know who my partner in crime is. Whenever we both are free, our minds always meet formulating the next crime to execute. Ha ha ha.. please don't misread.. Our crime is our personal relaxation and indulgence. Nothing more!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ternate Beach Outing

Sunday prior to our Potipot Island trip, my family traversed the South Luzon Expressway and reached for the beach of Ternate. With us were my niece-in-law, my little grandnephew and daughter’s special friend. Tracing the road leading to Caylabne Bay Resort, we took a halt at the Gregorio Lim Marine Training Camp gate and asked for the direction to the beach. After paying a minimal entrance fee at the military guard on duty, we drove a more or less 1 kilometer distance and passed by the military barracks area, stopping once in a while for herd of goats and flocks of chickens that cross the road. Occasionally, we would be surprised by a monkey or two that dart out from the bushes. From the Camp gate which is on a mountaintop, we descended to the scenic shoreline area. The crystal blue water and the white sand is so lovely that the beach-aholic in me found it so alluring. There are cottages or rooms for overnight visitors, but on that moment, all the rooms are fully booked. Good that we were able to grab a picnic table and just set up our very reliable picnic buddy on the side, our tent.

It was indeed an enjoyable outing despite some glitches. Where on earth have you heard of a picnic without food? Well, there were snacks to nibble on but the food I prepared for lunch was forgotten and was left on the stove at home.. We had no choice but to look for a restaurant to get some food. Hubby took pride in bringing us to his fave restaurant on the nearby area but it is closed that day being a Sunday. The big kiddos prefer to have Jollibee instead. We had to turn back and look for a Jollibee store. After a long while of driving and asking people on the street, we found the sought after fastfood store. We bought buckets of chickenjoy and other fare that seemed enough to pacify the group.

Knowing that our picnic food wasn't enough, hubby brought us to Hap Chan in Makati City for dinner on our way home. At least, we all had a real satisfying meal after a so-so picnic food. That dinner sure covered up the anxiety we had early on.

In the meantime, please bear with me for not dropping by your blogs lately. I will make it up to you as soon as I have time. Happy TGIF to all!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Potpot Invades Potipot

Yes, Potpot had a grand time in Potipot Island! (Nice rhyming eh!) He was with us when we drove to Candelaria,, the second farthest town of the Province of Zambales. We left the house in the morning of Thursday, April 1 to spend two nights of the four day holiday in the much talked about Potipot Island. Daughter and I persevered to reach the island though hubby was adamant to drive that far. We arrived at the place late afternoon and started to comb all the resorts for available cottage or room. As expected, every nook of each resorts were already occupied and even setting up of tents were not allowed. Luckily, we found the resort named “Bakasyunan ni Doc” (Doc’s Vacation Place) and they allowed us to put up our own tents for a fee of 1000ps/a night. Honestly, I feel it was pretty steep but what can we do, there’s nowhere to go and besides, it’s peak season. We should understand! Nevertheless, the owner that is Dr. Mon Edejer is very friendly and kind! Moreover, his lovely wife is caring enough to always check on our safety.

We trekked the NLEX and SCTex going to Zambales.

The reception area of Potipot Gateway: Our firat choice of resort
but fully booked.

This big house in Bakasyunan ni Doc is priced 5000/night.

These Nipa Huts are priced 1000ps/night.

A carabao pulled cart look alike but actually one place to rest on in
Bakasyunan ni Doc.

Our tiny space in the resort.

We slept on our tents for the night but we were unlucky to be near another tent occupied by a big group. They were having great fun till the wee hour of the morning that they never cared if they were disturbing other people on the resort.

The following morning, we woke up excited to set foot on Potipot Island which is a 5 minute boat ride.
Hubby as usual went his own way, this time exploring the nearby towns of Zambales and Pangasinan on his bike. I, together with the big kiddos boarded Doc’s boat and headed to Potipot Island. The boat cost 500ps two way.

A boat heading towards Potipot Island.
The island is privately owned and undeveloped though there are a number of cottages available for overnight tourists. Tents are very much welcomed and on that occassion, the small island mushroomed with masses of colorful tents everywhere.

We took a dip in the crystal clear waters after strolling on the sugary fine white sand of the shore. And here, Potpot had a great time swimming.
Potpot doing his favorite butterfly stroke. Ha ha ha..

This couple caught and zoomed in by daughter's cam.

The island appeared to be like another Boracay that time, teeming with tourists clad in bikinis. I truly, truly, truly love the place. I wish to go back. Hopefully soon! (wink.)

We went back to our resort by noontime to have our lunch. While eating, we decided to cut short our vacation.

For the time being, it was enough for us to have seen Potipot.Island. The decision to cut short our vacation was prompted by the discomfort of a jam packed restrooms. Perhaps if we had our own private cottage, we could have enjoyed the place much better and may have used up the whole stretch of the holiday.

We left the resort at around 5pm then passed by SBMA to have dinner at the Aristocrat Restaurant. As we waited for our food, I came to realize I wasn’t able to pay our boat ride. Feeling so ashamed, I texted and call the owner, Dr.Mon Edejer to apologize as well as ask how I can send my payment. Unfortunately, his cell phone was unattended. Well, maybe I can take this opportunity to call his attention just in case his son would really visit this blog site of mine as he told me he will.
Aristocrat's popular fare: Chicken Barbecue et al.

Btw, this is a note to Doc’s son. Just leave a message or comment here if ever you drop by. I want to let you know that we appreciate the kind and warm treatment you gave us, as your guests. We will surely come back to your "Bakasyunan ni Doc" if there's a chance and an available room or cottage as well!.

That's all we had for our summer holiday folks. I hope you guys had much better days than what we had. See you soon in your sites. Thanks for dropping by!

Happy Easter everyone!

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