Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Wedding

Last week, searching for the right gift for my S-i-l added to my busy schedule. I ran to the nearby mall to shop for a nice kitchenware or at least a good quality flatware to give as our wedding gift for her. But as I was about to pick a heavy duty stainless steel kitchenware, I got fickle minded. I remembered she already has a complete set which she is currently using. Instead, I thought of getting a beautifully hand painted stoneware like the lovely ones I’ve seen in Food Network but I couldn’t find it in the mall. After a lengthy confusion on what to give, I finally decided to hand her the very safe Cash gift!

The wedding took off last Sunday, February 28. It was the second for Sil (which actually should be the third for her) and the first for her new husband who’s got two kids. Sil’s love life is like a roller coaster with high’s and low’s. Her brief first marriage with the father of her two sons wasn’t smooth sailing until he just disappeared and never resurfaced again. After 8 years or so, she found a new man, lived with him and had a love child. Sadly though, they parted ways. Now that the three children are all adults and have lives of their own, she consented to her present boyfriend’s proposal of marriage. Hence the blissful civil wedding cum reunion with all nephews and nieces and grandchildren last Sunday.. The occasion was held at Kowloon Restaurant in West Ave., and the celebration continued till midnight here in our small place in the farthest corner of Quezon City.

I hope your are having a great day! Keep smiling, it cost you nothing!

4 Comentários:

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, always when in doubt, give cash. Infact I think most people prefer cash as sometimes they get duplicate presents. And have to go exchange later.

Wow! Your SIL sure have a Roller coaster love life, ha ha....maybe seen too many Hollywood movies?
But I bet she has traffic stopper looks and figure, already 3rd man in her life, ha ha.

You have a nice day, stay beautiful, Lee.

chubskulit said...

My smile is from ear to ear TitaB hehehe..

Cheryl said...

I think your gift was the best. Nowadays it seems that cash is what most couples want. No one ever returns that! Have a nice weekend.

J said...

cash is king... that's all I can say. hey, I borrowed this line from my father-in-law (a good, old, traditional American-Jewish)hehehe.

have a great Sunday Tita B.


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