Friday, March 19, 2010

Time to unwind

I am still tied up with my ongoing repair project here at home. So glad the roof is completely done. It is now brand new! The dark red colored long span roofing looks pretty good. The roofing insulation brings a remarkable cool comfort inside the house. I feel a bit content realizing that my first and foremost goal is now accomplished. There’s practically, no more roof top climbing for me though my presence is still needed to supervise the remaining two workers.

Last Wednesday, I caught my friend L by the phone. It has been eons since we two, saw each other. She’s been too busy too with lots of things and like me, I found out, she wanted some time to unwind. Initially, she wanted us to go to the resort near our place and go swimming. But after realizing that we both don’t have cars to drive, we just proceeded to the SM Mall nearby and had a buffet dinner at Tong Yang Restaurant. It was one of the most satisfying buffet meal I ever had.

Unfortunately, Lady luck seemed to snub us that time. I forgot to bring my cam and friend L had hers but the battery was uncharged. Good thing we were able to snap few shots before it went pfft. The only problem now is, she hasn’t uploaded the photos yet as she is back to her busy self. Maybe I could just post them as soon as I have them.

(And here's the update as of Sunday, March 21 and edited further on Monday, March 22.)

It’s TGIF once again! I hope everybody will have a great weekend. Keep smilin', it cost you nothin'!

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foongpc said...

Yes, keep smiling! Have a good weekend! : )

Vernz said...

ok... you said so :) dropping by tita beng!

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PinayWAHM said...

Happy weekend Ate Beng! I miss going to Tong Yang. I think that was the last resto I went to with friends before I left for the US.

Enjoy the weekend!


Yen said...

Happy to read some updates here ate beng :-)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, very nice pics, but I can't open it as not in FB, ha ha.
Its always nice meeting an old friend and shooting the breeze, exchange some gossips, ha ha, maybe one or two raise eyebrow stories....

Looks like very delicious food too....the pics I see are stamp size, so guessing what they are.
Any of those ha ha, fancy chicken in egg delicacies?

You have fun and best regards, Lee.

♡ N o r e e n said...

Hi Miss Beng! :) Musta ka na? Mukhang enjoy ang buffet ah. Hayyyy monday na naman...bilis ng araw!

Cheryl said...

How wonderful to spend time with a dear friend!

Race said...

Wow sarap nyan tita beng, nice break from the roofing supervision :-)mahirap pag may pinapagawa sa bahay, ako madalas nadi-drain and inaabutan ng due dates mga tasks ko. anyway pag ok na lahat sulit din hirap di ba? see you around!

chubskulit said...

Wow TitaB, glad your project is coming along well.. Nice to unwind with friends isn't it..

PinayWAHM said...

Looking good as always Ate Beng! Ang sarap ng ngiti mo ah...hehe. I guess you really needed that time out from all the 'construction' going on in your place.

Oo nga pwede na ko mag pinakbet...if only I know how to cook! Hahaha....

Enjoy your week...

Huling [na magaling]

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, Wow! Now thats more like it. Outstanding photos.
Previously was postage stamp, ha ha.
I love the food and the presentation. Looks similar to the Chinese Hot Pot.
And so much choices too.
Looks like both of you sure hungry too, ha ha.

BG...looking at your lovely pic, I'm guessing you are about 5' 4"? Or 5' 6"?

And you sure got a lovely smile....the smile that brings up the moon an hour early, *wink*, ha ha.
Have a nice day and stay beautiful, INGAT, Lee.

J said...

so glad to know that you're now done with the roof replacement. now that its all done, yes you should unwind.

you look so slim. anong secret mo?

take care!


Me said...


Dhemz said...

ay ang bongga naman....bonding time with friend/s is one of the best things to unwind....sarap ng pagkain nyo te....:)

glad to know tapos na yung roof....ehhehehe!

salamat pala sa dalaw at comment...ingat po!

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