Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wishing for Caylabne

It’s freaking hot summer here! I asked hubby if we can avail the use of their company’s condo unit in Caylabne Bay Resort once again. But it isn’t available yet. It was one of their privileges being in the managerial position. We terribly miss the beautiful beach resort. You see for more than ten years, we were like one of those rich tourists who frequent the posh resort anytime we wanted to. We could spend nights and days on the company’s huge condo unit with complete amenities and nothing to worry about but our own food. This resort is actually a 4 star resort (if I’m not mistaken) and is quite expensive. Nonetheless, as I’ve mentioned, it was like we have our very own place in


The white sand beach of Caylabne.Bay Resort.

Caylabne Bay Resort as seen from the top winding road.

Since everyone here at home wanted to hit the beach last Sunday, we drove once again not to my desired resort that is Caylabne but Sun Moon in Bagac, Bataan. Sadly, Sun Moon is a far cry from Caylabne. That's as far as amenites are concerned. Anyhow, Bagac is a nice beach too, as it is at a similar location like Caylabne. And I forever love the beach, wherever it is!

As usual, my sis and her family joined us. It was a whole day of fun as always!

Ebb tide.

The resort is within those lush greens.

Sand, sea and mountain.

Potpot, our baby, on the car floor appears to be asking:..
"are we there yet?"

Hubby's bike rests after some mountain climbing.

My grandniece engrossed with the sand.

Grilled fish, squid, eggplant

Seems like never had enough of the beach delight! Now looking forward to another summer holiday next week.

Have a bright sunshiny day everyone!

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Liza said...

Uy Tita Beng ang ganda dyan! Saan ito?

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, Holy Smoke! This place is Paradise.
Can I come along if you all going? Ha ha.
Hey! I love your cute dog, bet he too want to go due the heat wave you experiencing.

And we here already Spring, about 15'c past 3 days, just heard on radio news, "a cold front arriving this afternoon", to expect temp to plummet t0 -9'c!
And my wife already washing our Winter boots, Winter jackets to store away, bring out our Summer clothes, ha ha.

Where you live, I mean the Philippines, its so beautiful as everywhere you go can get beautiful beaches.
I love that bbq fish...can get the lovely burnt smell here too.
Let me know when you going, I call a Jeepney come fetch me, ha ha.
Have fun, Ingat, Lee.
Ps, if free drop by.

Vernz said...

tita Beng, wow indeed this is paradise, so good you have the accommodation free .. good luck tita Beng..

BTW, tita, can i ask favor to edit my some things are free, I got my own domain na... and I added this blog to three of my blogs... if you have other blogs you wish to be included in my link list please tell me lang po! Salamat talaga..

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PinayWAHM said...

Ganda nga ah. BUT mas maganda tingnan yung iniihaw nyo!!! Naglalaway ako while typing this. Grabe...I miss inihaw na pusit at bangus. Hay....

Sige na nga alis na ko bago ko kainin tong computer ko....haha.

Happy weekend.


Yen said...

Wow Tita Beng paraiso yan ah, san po yang place na yan:-)

Gorgeous MUM said...

The joy of summer time in the Philippines! I do miss going to the beach! I am not that brave yet to drive all the way to the Gold Coast to frolic on its white sand.

Bagac may not be as fancy as Caylabne, but it will do! Hahaha!

Shimumsy said...

i've heard about this resort tita beng. ganda talaga.
kahit sinong nagsasabi ang init daw talaga sa pinas ngayon. stay cool.

Cheryl said...

Sounds as if you all had a lovely day together. The beach looks so welcoming. I won't be going to the beach anytime soon, its only in the 40s here. At least the snow has all gone.

J said...

been there thrice many years ago. I especially love the way going up there. the view of the beach that comes and goes as you're driving builds excitement and anticipation.

have a blessed holy week Tita B!

PinayWAHM said...

Ate Beng!

Kamusta ang holy week mo? Holy ba? Hehehe...joks lang.

I bet it's really hot now kasi ganun lagi pag holy week eh. Any planned getaway? Sama naman ako dyan.

Just poppin' up here to say hi...


Alice Law said...

You have got very scenic beaches here, and absolutely mouth watering grilled seafood!

Please enjoy your weekend!

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