Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Hang-over

A couple of days already had passed but I’m still into the Valentine thingy! Maybe because it quickly slipped away without any fanfare for me at all. For many years that went by, I don’t remember a single Valentine’s Day that wasn’t observed by us, meaning, hubby and me. Alright then, I have to state clearly that it was for the reason that we were usually with our couple friends; we are one gang composed of couples who enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day together. We would go dining out in some cozy restos, have fun in music bar, or simply go videoke singing in whoever’s place is available and have potluck party.

Few days before the special day, Feb. 14, our friend E, was asking where’d we gonna spend the coming Valentine’s Day. She is our coordinator with regards to the gang’s get-togethers. I told her that we have plans of going to Tagaytay with our Niece-in-law and the other in-laws family this time. And so, I guess, E herself went with her own personal date with her hubby. Hence, no valentine celebration came up for the gang.

The night before V-day, N-i-l sent text message inquiring if we will push through the Tagaytay plan. Daughter made known her reluctance, expressing her concern that Tagaytay would be fully jam-packed. It was seconded by hubby and son so by those hesitations, the plan went pfft.

In lieu of the Tagaytay outing, hubby gave a consolation to dine out to the nearby Chinese Resto instead. Since it was set at dinner time, he went out to bike and promised to be back early. But what do you know?! You think he came back early? Nah, the biker arrived 7:30 pm! The big kiddos were by now grouchy. “Pa, do you think we could still find a vacant table in the resto by this time?” the girl complained. Our excitement to go out has vanished. And again, another plan got aborted. But my mind was set. I’m not gonna cook! Already starving perhaps, son stood up and took over the stove. Weeeee! His cuisine? Sauteed corned beef fresh from tin can with matching fried hotdogs and all the left-overs he found in the ref! Yikes? 'Tis not! For me, it was a considerably special dinner coz it was prepared by son while I had fun time in front of tv. ha ha!

The gang in one of those Valentine's Day Get-together.

That's how we had our Valentine's Day folks, just in case you want to know. But I'm not giving up! Am still anticipating a rain check celebration of the day of hearts. (hint! hint!)

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Cheryl said...

I must say that your Valentine's dinner sounded great, especially as your son made it for you. Very clever to use whatever he found in the refrigerator and thrifty as well! Have a nice week.

Vernz said...

Wow.. that's sweet... belated Happy Valentines Beng!

PinayWAHM said...

Haha! Kudos to the 'starving' son for preparing a sumptuous vday dinner. The corned beef con hotdog na niluto nya reminded me of my high school camping days....de lata galore ang aming breakfast, lunch & dinner....at least you got a break from the cooking chore[?]....

Btw Ate Beng, I have a huge favor to ask. I am doing some kind of a research sa cost of living dyan ngayon so I need your input. I already asked some other people as well but I want to ask multiple sources para mas reliable yung information. Let me know kung ok lang to ask you about it.



Dhemz said...

hahhaha.....the valentine dinner that made by your son titabeng made me drool...oh I love corned beef....pinoy corned beef lang....hehehe...argentina pwede na sakin....lol!

d bale te, marami pa namang next time...hehehhe!

Gorgeous MUM said...

Your V Day celebration may not be in a resto, but having a meal prepared but your dearest son is way better than any chef could have done!

J said...

your V day turned out a lot better than mine. after all, there's nothing better than having the whole family, and you not slaving in the kitchen. sana your rain check will be granted soon.


Shimumsy said...

uy in fairness masarap ang corned beef. nagpapabili pa ako dyan sa pinas ng purefoods corned beef, madalang lang kasi ng oriental store meron dito.
vday over cb - ok na bastat sama-sama.

shengmarie said...

Hi Beng,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. We celebrated Valentine's at home too, because i and hubby don't usually go on dates during mushy days, haha, and to top it all, I got a migraine attack. The good thing about the migraine, the hubby cooked all the meals for the entire day. Nice, and I have to just wake up and eat, minsan lang naman siya nagluluto, tinodo na! Hehe. I will be back here too. Will add you up in my blogroll.

Yen said...

Ay ang sweet naman po :-)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, wow! Your son can cook, huh? That reflects on the mother....you brought him up well....the kind of son any SYT would love bring home show her mummy,
Mom, I don't have to learn to cook now....".
Ha ha ha, just kidding.
Pity you missed that dinner. This is the 1st time Chinese new year fell on Valentine's day too.

Incidentally, my wife and I too love karaoke singing and she can sing 'Dahil Sayo' very well too. I too will let go my handbrake sing this song, after a couple of Jack Daniels, ha ha.

When I was looking for a wife, I wanted a lady apart from cooking talents, among others, but able to play the piano.
She can't play the piano, but she sure can sing...as well many times, very often gets asked, "are you from the Philippines"? Ha ha.

You have a great Tiger Year, Beng Gee...stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart, INGAT, Lee.

D said...

How nice naman that your son cooked for you guys... Mabuti at alam niyang magluto. hehe Baka much better pa siya sa akin. hehe At least you guys had fun as a family di ba? And that you spent it together, that's what's important. :)

foongpc said...

Wow! I think it's great that your son could cook for you all!

Don't worry about Valentine's Day. Everyday is Valentine's Day and you can celebrate it any day!

In fact, I prefer to celebrate it on other days when the restaurants are not so packed and when they don't charge exorbitant prices! Haha!

Gorgeous MUM said...

Ate Beng . . . I finally posted our meeting! Got a bit of time lately so I've spent it blogging!

B won't be coming home anytime soon, K and I will visit him during the school holiday in April.

Take care!

AnAsianTraveler said...

Belated Happy Valentines ate beng. :)

AnAsianTraveler said...

Belated Happy Valentines ate beng. :)

jenn_US said...

vdays are best spent with family and friends and loved ones talaga. i enjoyed the post. glad u had fun on vday.

chubskulit said...

Love is pouring sa family mo TitaB kaya naman mababait and mapagmahal mga anak nyo ni Tito.

I have something for you

PinayWAHM said...

Happy weekend Ate Beng! Looks like your weekend started out great with that lakwatsa with Kuya T!

Anyway, matagal ng nakakulong yung buset na builder na scammer. I think April 2008 pa. He was sentenced to 20 yrs[YAY!!]. Although ang sabi he can get out in as little as 5 yrs ata. The thing is he's already languishing so ok lang. He already appealed a few months ago....and failed! We watched the appeal by his lawyer online and it's pathetic how his lawyer tried to justify what he did to us. Buti na lang the 3 judges that heard it didn't buy it.

He didn't return any money.He got more than a million dollars and then some from all the victims. Pinag pasa Dyos ko na lang sya.


J said...

hi! Tita B

stopping by to wish you a great weekend!


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