Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Hong Kong Trip

I wonder how Hong Kong looks now (pretending it's not shown on tv or other media)! It has been more than a decade since my friend and I visited the place. I remember it was then the time when the sovereignty of Hong Kong was about to be turned over to the government of the People’s Republic of China after the British Government took control of it for nearly 100 years. The place was too busy then for the preparation of the grand ceremonial event and we were busy as well exploring each and every nook of the territory.

We only had four days and three nights to explore the place so we practically didn’t spend much time staying in our hotel room. My friend who I was with has toured the place before. Thus I trusted her to be familiar with the place somehow. So when she asked me to stroll around and shop at the Night Market of Mongkok, I readily agreed. We reached the night shopping area without difficulty and got thrilled with the super low-priced goods I witnessed around. We almost forgot the time with our bargain shopping as it was late night when we decided to take MTR and go back to our hotel room. But trouble came into view when my friend could not recognize the right direction to our hotel. We alighted from MTR on the wrong station and we had tough time asking for directions coz the people we got to ask doesn’t understand the English language. My feet and legs were already aching from the long walk but there was no one who knows how to translate our queries to Chinese language. Translation is done thru sign language but we only got negative result. Nevertheless, we reached our hotel after bumping into one Filipino young guy who politely accompanied us to our destination. We learned later that we could find many translators around the hotel.

It wasn’t entirely a good experience for us but our Hong Kong tour, even already more than a decade ago was significantly a fantastic one to remember!

3 Comentários:

Yen said...

Nice trip po :-) though its hard to communicate, I believe action speaks louder than words

alf said...

talking about hongkong, all i could have in mind is shopping. i was there decades ago din but oh boy i had fun shopping.

D said...

Ako din Ate Beng, I went to Hong Kong nung 2007 with my parents and we had an experience similar to yours wherein we got lost and had to ask for directions, only to be frustrated kasi hindi sila nakakaintindi ng English. But I love the shopping and the bargains though! hehe When ka punta ulit?

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