Thursday, February 11, 2010

Music Bar for All Ages

Back in my younger years, frequenting the Music Bars, Folk Houses, Discos and the likes are amongst the favorite pastimes I enjoyed spending with friends. I have enjoyed tremendously those years that as I reached this advanced age, I can’t help but long for the live music that brings me back to those days of wine and roses- the heyday of my life.

Oftentimes now, I long for those sounds that take me back to the treasured moments of my youth. And how glad I am that hubby somehow understands my fondness for music. Last Friday, I asked him if he could bring me out since it’s one of those oh,soooo boring days! One thing I like with hubby is that he never turns me down, oh well, he does too sometimes, but only if he can’t refuse an appointment. (ahem!) And most of the time, it’s like automatic to him, that the place he would bring me to is Dungeon Bar, the music bar of Camelot Hotel in South Triangle, Quezon City. That’s where we spent our date last Thursday after taking a buffet dinner at Tramway Restaurant in Timog, Quezon City. Dungeon Bar is located at the basement of the hotel. The area is not so big, it's dimly lit and is often visited by customers of all ages. The scheduled band players that night were named Oldies but Goodies (the ages of the band members are evident on their band’s name) and another young and exceptional group whose name is quite hard to recall but the flawless, sexy bodies of the lady singers will always be remembered, especially by men.

I think, I’ll forever appreciate being brought to Dungeon Bar. The Music Bar for all ages.

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Vernz said...

I just hope the music is not too loud ... hmmmm.... i'll check this when I get there a week after next .... see you around!

Liza said...

Ang sweet naman!

Btw, I posted the croquette recipe na.

Potato Croquette

Gorgeous MUM said...

So there is still a Camelot Hotel? It has been a looong time since I've wandered the streets of QC!

Anyways, got a tag for you! Here's the link!

J said...

was that your early Valentine date? buti ka pa.

here's wishing you a great weekend and a happy hearts day!


Yen said...

Happy Hearts day po sayo at sa buong pamilya nyo. :-)

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