Saturday, February 6, 2010

Janina, this is for you!


It’s good that this day, Saturday, February 6, 2010 hasn’t been over yet. I still have time to post this birthday greeting for my unica hija, Jaja as we fondly call her. I was supposed to post this last night but I had a visitor here in the house in the person of my SIL. We had a good talk that I’ve completely forgotten about the posting. I only saw today the bouquet of roses that was sent to her and only then was I reminded that it's already her birthday today. Anyway, I'm not late yet. Happy Birthday my dear dawtah!

8 Comentários:

kean said...

happy birthday!

Tom D' Biker said...

Happy Birthday!

PinayWAHM said...

Happy birthday to your dawtah!

salamat sa hop Ate Beng! We just came inside the house kasi gutom si batang makulit. Sobrang mahangin sa labas so kahit nakasikat si haring araw eh malamig pa din. We're still luckier compared dun sa ibang states kasi 20 inches na daw ang snow sa ibang lugar. I wonder how much snow Tukayo is experiencing right now in NY.

Have a good weekend! Ang sarap naman ng longganisa....


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, Many happy returns to your Unica Hija, happy birthday.
A birthday is just another 365day trip around the sun, enjoy the trip, bring sunglasses, ha ha.

I get nervous when my birthday comes as the candles cost more than the cake, ha ha.
Beng Gee, you sure one classy lady, have a beautiful Sunday....Mabuhay.

By the way, how about doing a Tinikling posting, love to read the how, the what, the who and how to avoid getting ankles broken, ha ha.
This one dance I never learned....the clacking of the loud bamboos scares me, 'Clack...clack...clackety ..clack, ha ha. Lee.

J said...

all the best to your unica hija.

ang dami palang kapareho namin ng hubby ko na kulang-kulang hahaha.

have a blessed Sunday Tita B!


Gorgeous MUM said...

Hello Ate Beng!

Sending a warm birthday wishes to your loving daughter! Hope she had a fantastic day!

chubskulit said...

Happy birthday Jaja!

Liza said...

Belated Happy birthday Janina! I hope you had a blast.

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