Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cabanatuan's Batutay

Cabanatuan is a city in Nueva Ecija., a province in Central Luzon. My sis, my brother (God bless his soul) and I, had considered it as our home town together with the town of Talavera although we were raised and born here in Manila. Most of our relatives are all in those two towns so it's not surprising if I talk about those places like we all originated from those towns. Last week, Sis and I were back in Cabanatuan after many years of absence sadly because of a cousin's demise. It was a combined sad and happy reunion for all.

Whenever in Cabanatuan, we never forget to pass by the City Market to buy the ever popular Cabanatuan Longganisa called Batutay. Batutay is their name for their beef longganisa. I really love them that it'll break my heart if I can't bring home some. That’s why when we had the chance to sneak to the market early Thursday morning before the Interment, sis and I had a market shopping spree. We bought those that are not available in our place like the Batutay and the favorite exotic food of mine, the Day old chicks. I was also looking for frog meats but I’ve been told that it’s not the season for it. Anyway, we felt like shopping in Baguio coz the veggies like broccoli , cauliflower and the likes were so fresh and cheap. Sis’ car’s compartment got jam-packed with all our loot.

The time that should have been exclusively spent to sympathizing with grieving relatives had some other beneficial affair. It's that once in a blue moon market shopping in Cabanatuan, our beloved hometown.

Uncooked Batutay (Beef native sausage)

The cooked Batutay. Yummy!

The delectable Day old chicks.
This needs deep frying and vinegar dip.
Wanna share?

I hope you are all enjoying the week. Thanks for dropping by!!

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maria said...

Ahh yan ala ang Batutay. Hehe

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The Modern Mom
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Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, love the name of that town, but I guess I'll take a pass on the day old chicks, but if chicks in sarongs, I'll overlook the pass, ha ha ha.
Holy Smoke, you sure love exotic foods, huh?

Me? I guess I'll just stick to fish & chips, my tummy will be happy.
When we date...can I recommend the restaurant, instead of you? ARHAAAAA HA HA.

You have a beautiful weekend, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart. Lee.

J said...

oh my, you're making my mouth water. lalo na I haven't tasted Pinoy dishes for two months na. I'm imagining the taste of that day old chicks. di ko pa kasi na try.

have a great weekend Tita B!


chubskulit said...

Narinig ko lang to TitaB sa wowowee kasi binanggit ni willie hehehe.. Totot palang masarap noh..

Rio said...

Truly a Nueva Ecija product ang batutay. One of the best!!! Saying hello po from Nueva Ecija. :D

mark said...

Cabanatuan's Beef Longganisa (Batutay) is sooooo good! When I was in college some of my friends asked me to buy some Batutay for them whenever I had a chance to go to Nueva Ecija. They found it good too. There are other varieties of Pork Longganisa in Cabanatuan which are all delicious and these include Garlic (salty and garlicky), Recado (salty and spicy), and Hamonado (Sweet).

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