Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pet Grooming for Potpot

I love Potpot’s long shinny coat. However, he wasn't given much attention recently, the result of which was a super tangled, jumbled and knotted fur. Potpot’s fluffy hair had gone thoroughly unmanageable. I brought him to the Pet Groomming shop and he had some pampering like a massage and fine bath, his teeth brushed, his ears cleaned and his coat trimmed short. He loves the massage but looks tensed every time he hears the earsplitting roaring noise of the grooming tools.

Still donning his long fluffy hair, grandniece seems to be thinking;
"..why, you look so untidy Potpot! get yourself groomed now!"

So Potpot did! Though he looks like he dislikes
his hair being trimmed, he never whined at all

Potpot's new look.

In his fave spot once again. With his lovey buddy, Bear-Bear.
This is all I can share for now folks. I've been out of town for many days this week that made me a bit tired and lost some vigor . I only wanted to lie down on bed and sleep the whole day. Anyway, I'm hoping to be back in my usual energy soon (or is there such thing for me?! Lol!)
Thanks for your time and see you in your sites too!

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Liza said...

He looks so much like our loki. :)

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Gorgeous MUM said...

Oh, Pot-Pot looked so cute with that big teddy! Lovely dog!

Musta na Ate Beng?

chubskulit said...

What a lucky potpot! Magkano naman ang charge dyan sa grooming TitaB, dito kasi super mahal hehehe. Kaya bumili na lang kami ng grooming kits for Champ!

rjs mama said...

we can't have doggies because my son is asthmatic. your doggie is so cute :)

hope to see you back at my blog

please leave your comments so i can visit you again :)

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one of my faves

foongpc said...

Oh PotPot is your dog? What a cute dog! Haha

Regarding your question about the reverse compass directions that's just how the Chinese portray the it. It's the same as the Western directions, just that they are looking it from below.

You know what I mean? If you take a paper and mark the directions North, South, East, West and then you place the paper above your head, and look from the bottom, you will see that North is now at the bottom and South at the top.

But when you practise feng shui this does not matter, you still follow the proper compass directions : )

J said...

ma-trabaho din ang may pet no? Potpot looks cute and I can imagine the joy he brings to you.

enjoy your week Tita B.


PinayWAHM said...

Buti pa si Potpot nagka make-over. Ako kaya kelan???? I like his 'new do'....sosi!

Maulan dito Ate Beng. It's not that hard but kaso gloomy...and my allergies act up kapag gloomy and/or rainy. Ewan ko ba kung baket.

Pebrero na. Any big plans for V-day? Kami? Ay naku...kahit nga Linggo pumapasok si M. Sobrang busy nila...

Have a great February!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, love your dog, love the name too.
I never kept long haired dogs for obvious reasons, ha ha, mostly Dobermans.
And all my dogs named either 'Whisky' or 'Brandy'...
'Jack Daniels' too long, ha ha.

You have a good rest, get your batteries recharged, when free drop by....suggest have a hot cup of coffee first, *wink*.
Keep a song in your heart, mabuhay, Lee.

D said...

Hahaha ang cute naman ng dog niyo! :)Ang cute ng name, Potpot! hehe Do you have other dogs besides this one Ate Beng? I love dogs! Gusto ko sana magka dog rin dito pero mahirap kasi with both of us working, walang mag aalaga. Hyper ba si Potpot? hehehe

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