Saturday, January 9, 2010

Family Day in Enchanted Kingdom

Who says that Theme Parks such as the Enchanted Kingdom here in the Philippines is only for the young? Don’t they know that oldies like me (but not too oldie, you know! can also have the best of their time here? Yeah, that’s the reason why my family seldom misses visiting the place every Christmas Season. Just like what we did last couple of weeks ago before the New Year. We trekked the lengthy road to Sta. Rosa, Laguna coming from our place in Quezon City as soon as the sun rose. We had set to travel early to avoid the crowd in the ticket booths. But alas, there were already big crowd and long queues despite reaching the place early. We had some second thoughts if we would still go on but we were already in the place so we did pushed through notwithstanding the fiery heat of the sun.

Standing in the long queue made me think that if only would include the said Theme Park in their list of available tickets for sale, (which is highly not possible) it sure won’t be as difficult as it was for us. Just like the way they are making it easy for those wanting to purchase Calgary Flames Tickets, Spiderman Tickets and Nassau Coliseum Tickets. Oh boy, I’d definitely be the first to go online to purchase the EK Tickets from the said ticket broker if it ever happens.

Anyway, after all the troubles, we had a great deal of fun as we were joined in by our nephew and his family all throughout the day in those exciting rides. And until the evening in Tagaytay for our dinner and till the stop-over for coffee in Starbucks on our way home. I can say, our Christmas Season's family day-out was a real blast!

Enchanted Kingdom's facade.

Queuing and enduring the fiery heat

of the sun for entrance tickets.

Anchors Away ride from afar.

Closer as we're next for the excitement.

Holding our breath while awaiting

the grand speedy roll.

And it goes rolling, twisting and turning.

The biggest Ferris Wheel in the park.

The moon atop the big wheel.

Merry-go-round brightly lit.

Isn't it obvious we had fun? Have a great weekend everyone!

11 Comentários:

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, wow! Thats a beautiful theme park.
Would you believe we have never been to one, even here in Canada, ha ha.
Somehow my wife not that keen, me too, and besides they're not cheap too.

But I guess it can be fun with kids.
You're a good photographer and those pics are fantastic.
You have a nice weekend, stay beautiful, Mabuhay, Lee.

Laikka said...

Wow nice and bet you had fun:) Have a blessed sunday my dear:)

alf said...

buti ka nakapunta ka na sa enchanted kingdom, di ko pa napuntahan yan. hopefully pag nag bakasyon kami dyan.

musta na?

MarlyMS said...

I treasure the memories I had at Enchanted Kingdom the first time I visited there together with my college classmates.

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chubskulit said...

Wowowowow, a lot fun indeed TitaB!

PinayWAHM said...

I used to frequent that place for field trips...with the students syempre. It was a big thing then but nakapunta ng EK ~ early to mid-90s ata yun kaya tuwang tuwa yung mga bata. The place looks the same but I'm sure mas maraming attractions ngayon.

How's your week going Ate Beng? Kami...eto nanginginig pati atay at balun balunan dahil sa laming....


imelda said...

i have been to enhancted kingdom but without my kids it was not enjoyable. it was a package in one of our business trip. ty for the visit beng. stay happy.

DebbieDana said...

WOW! You really enjoyed it there! I've been there once and it was fantastic, I truly enjoyed the rides. :)

Race said...

wow tita bheng ganda ng mga shots mo lalo na yung waiting for the grand speedy roll, we've been there me and josh only on his field trip and my boy was so enchanted!!! he loves it! i have to bring hubby and my 2 girls also coz they're excited to be there na hahaha! masarap hanggang gabi kase kami up to 5:30pm lang!

just dropping by here again and peeking at your posts! take care!

Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

Hi Beng I must admit I have never been here looks really nice. Hopefully pagnakalipat na kami at pag may kids na para mas masaya!

An Asian Traveler said...

Reminds me, it's been decade since I visited EK. Glad you had a fun trip with your family. Happy New Year. :)

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