Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

In a matter of only few hours, 2010 will bid goodbye and so is the whole term of the first decade of the century. Yes, another decade is over and done.  How time flies so quickly!  The upcoming brand new year is in a standby mode at the moment waiting to be welcomed grandiosely. Hopefully, it carries with it the peace and prosperity for this country and for the whole world!  And hopefully too, no one will get hurt in lighting firecrackers and fireworks in welcoming 2011 at 12:00 MN tonight.

The past year may have had some humps and bumps along the way but it was generally a good year! It was indeed a good one for me and my family. Hence,  I would like to take advantage of the occasion to thank my family and relatives for the endless love, care and support for each one.  And thanks to my friends (actual and virtual) who make my gloomy days lively and fun just by being there and keeping me company. to my friends online who make my blogging life  much more interesting with every visit they make and wonderful blog articles/photos they share. Above all, a sincere gratitude to our Lord Almighty for all the abundant blessings of health, love, and  peace! 

May 2011 be a fruitful year for everyone!

Happy New Year to all!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas that was

The Waterfront Beach Resort, Morong Bataan
And so Christmas is over now!  I hope you guys had a wonderful celebration!  Ours  was peacefully spent in a beach resort in Bataan.  I said peacefully because it was spent with just our small family together  with my sis and her 2 big kiddos in a very peaceful beach resort  ‘Twas a simple Christmas bonding moment far from the hustles and bustles of the chaotic traditional celebrations. 

Back home, been quite busy after Christmas with some activities here in the village. And now, trying to update this blog  in haste cos I gotta go in a minute or so.  I friend’s mom passed away and have to go with her in Batangas to sympathize with her
I hope to be back asap!  See you in your sites soon!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meal for one

I wonder if this is true with you but in my case, doing the rounds of blog hopping isn't at all times beneficial.Lol! Just like the other day when I visited the food blog of one blogger buddy, I was lured no end to the delectable Chinese food posted in his food blog. With all due respect to this foodie, it's not only Chinese dishes that made me salivate but almost all of the food he features in his blog are all interesting and worth cooking. But his Chinese dishes are to me, most tempting which led me to seek the nearest Chinese Resto here in our place. I can cook it alright, but am just not in the mood to look for the ingredients. Hence, this is what I got after not finding the exact "Fish and Pak Choy in Black bean Sauce" in the resto. This Fish dish is a fine substitute anyway. He he..  If you're a foodie, see his blog. You'll like it like I do.   Note:  This isn't a paid blog. Lol!

Fish and Tofu with Black bean Sauce

Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa at the Mall

Santa at SM Mall

Santa is at the Mall. Kids are going gaga for a photo op with him. I noticed even teenagers haven't outgrown the man from North Pole. I saw two teenage girls, maybe about 15-16 years old, made their way to pose beside him. . I bet Santa would love to have them on his lap like the little kiddos. ha ha..  A lot of passers-bye who see them pose with him were smiling meaningfully.  I wonder if we have similar thoughts in our minds. Evidently, Santa's not only for the kids but for grown-ups as well!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I turn 18 today

No, don’t get me wrong! I mean, my second lease in life is now  18, a debutante!  Yeah, it has been 18 blessed years since my diagnosis of Breast Cancer.  I ‘m here alive and kicking with clean bill of health and ever so thankful for the great miracle!  Alongside with my gratitude to our God Almighty is my prayer request devotion that an equally immense healing is granted to a beloved someone who has been slightly smeared by this alarming illness.  I believe she is now healed as I am.  Ask in prayer and believe it’s been granted. So it is!
And to my debutante second life,  I say, so much mission in life to face!  Cheers!!

Weird Christmas 2010

Christmas Tree and Ginger Bread House at SM Fairview Mall.

It's Christmas time once again! Still trying to catch the spirit of the season thus this photo taken from the mall in our vicinity.

Almost all the past Christmases were spent at home. This year though, I want to create summer out of Christmas season. And so I plan to spend Christmas in a Beach Resort. Sounds weird? Yeah, maybe! But the family wants it too. So we are now looking forward to a Noche Buena by the beach. Weee!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Visiting Back Cebu

The last two days of our 4day Anniversary Celebration/Vacation was spent in the most popular island in Visayas, Cebu.  Like Bohol, it was also our second time to visit this island. We are glad we settled to book for this province again 'cause there are lots of beautiful spots we haven’t yet seen apart from the newest exciting attraction that the island offers, the Sky Experience Adventure that I have enjoyed and blogged earlier.
After our Ocean Jet ride of about an hour from the port of Tagbilaran, we disembarked in the Port of Cebu.  We realized that in this area, taxi drivers are equally hassles as the barkers who were forcing  us to pay a contract price of 4 to 5X of the normal fare instead of using the taxi meter.  Too annoyed by the swarm of smelly boys around us all asking for tips, we stood on not giving in to their harassment.
The hotel that we booked in was only few blocks away from the port and only few steps away from  the mid-city’s commercial center.  It is a relatively clean and well maintained place with hot shower, phone, wifi, gym, and cafeteria. Hubby even took advantage of the stationary bike for long hours.
We hired a van thru the assistance of the hotel’s receptionist.  How glad we were to see a very brand new Toyota Grandia fetching us. We were toured around the island the whole day then alighted in Crown Regency Hotel Towers for the Sky adventure.  Stayed there till late in the evening even long after we’ve enjoyed the Sky Adventure and the sumptuous buffet dinner at the Sparkz Restobar at the 37th floor. Just couldn’t get over admiring the city’s scenic lights from the tower’s top view deck.  Great sight of Cebu indeed!
The last remaining day was spent on some last minute sightseeing around the vicinity after the same van picked us up to bring us to the airport for our 5pm flight to Manila.

Ocean Jet Ferry Boat

Magellan's Cross

City Hall of Cebu City

Lapu-lapu Shrine

Alegre Guitars of Cebu

Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant where we had lunch.

Taoist Chinese Temple

The view from the Chinese Temple.

Beverly Hills Subd. in Cebu

Shangrila Mactan Resort Hotel's pool side

Sparkz Resto Desserts corner

Chefs and pastas of Sparkz.

Jubilant after the Edge Coaster Ride.

Part of Crown Tower's View Deck

Scenic Cebu City Lights

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Basix Buffet Lunch

My tummy seems like it hasn’t taken a rest yet from the many dine-outs we had in our outings and out of town travels  the past weeks when another buffet lunch invitation came in again from my niece’s hubby last Saturday.   He popped-up in town for some important business meetings and despite his busy scheds he still was able to find  time to treat us to lunch in Basix of Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City.

Basix is another elegant restaurant on the hotel strip in the said city.  It wasn’t my first time here, but the last time I was here was eons ago and I don’t even remember if the name of the resto was the same.  So when I stepped-in at the buffet area, I was overwhelmed with what I saw.  They have a grand array of international cuisines, everything that I crave for is there, steaks, peking duck, grilled or fresh seafood, pastas, freshly made crepes by chefs, Japanese sushis and sashimis , dimsums and lots and lots of delightful desserts.  Food selection is endless that you definitely would give up on others.  Comparing this Basix to Jeepney Café of Hotel Intercon, I’d say that the former Is much better with regards to varieties of cuisines offered considering  that the price is  the same. And if to compare with Circles of Shang, I still prefer Basix.  Both offer wide array of cuisines but Circles is priced much higher.  Oh yes, not to forget that Basix buffet lunch includes free flowing drinks, be it soda, juice, beer or wine which others don’t have.  Ain’t it terrific? 

I was too excited  with all my picks on my own plate, thus, I forgot to take photos of my fave steaks. I say its one of the best in town! Actually, it was daughter who took charge of taking all these shots but still missed a lot more.  Anyway, so much is shown and believe you me, they are worth more than its price though we didn't spend a single cent. Lol! Thanks so much Matt!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bohol Escapade

After landing in Mactan-Cebu International Airport early morning of November 20, we proceeded to the port and embarked on a Ferry boat to Bohol.  There, we met a nice taxi driver who brought us to a fine Beach Resort named Bohol Divers’ Resort.   Although part of the place is under construction/renovation, it still is, on the whole, a pleasant place to check-in.  It is clean, with well maintained surroundings including a big landscaped front yard and big swimming pool.  The beach is absolutely fabulous as it is well known to be an attractive tourist spot.  On the night that we were there, the long stretch of the beach became an exciting and attractive area of entertainment.  A great number of tourists hung around for good food, and fine music. Just like what we did when we chose to hang around the Lost Horizon Resort. They got excellent singers and three-man band and free wifi. I sincerely loved their kind of jazz and bossa music. It was late when we returned to our own resort, we found out it was holding a sort of dance party with a live band playing.  We took a view from a corner and saw it was excessively packed with high spirited customers. The time being very late, we just turned our back and went up to our room.
The following morning, we had our breakfast on the resort's resto by the beach then we were fetched by the nice driver we contracted with to tour us around.  This was already our second time in Bohol, yet, we were still excited to go over the same places we’ve been to before. The nice driver/tour guide, when he learned about it, brought us to some new places we haven’t yet seen.  He is jolly and he is really good in his business! He brought us to the Butterfly Farm, the tarsiers, hanging bridge, Chocolate Hills, the Man made Forest, to the biggest live python I’ve ever seen,  the Magsaysay park where we fed wild monkeys with bananas we bought from a market along the way, the Baclayon Church and Blood Compact Site.

The Bohol Divers' Resort Apt.

The swimming pool

Restaurant by the beach

The beach with boats ready for dolphin watching.

Hanging out for good food and fine music.

Meats and seafood: You choose, they cook.

A lonesome crab strolling under our table.

Magsaysay Park: Wild monkeys' sanctuary

One of the wild monkeys we fed.

Tarsiers in captivity.

Loboc River Cruise

Having lunch while enjoying the river cruise.

Buffet lunch while cruising Loboc River

Baclayon Church  the oldest in the Philippines.

Can you see clearly Padre Pio on the wall?

The controversial bridge:

Catching my breath climbing up the top of the hill.

Thousands of Chocolate Hills.

Conquering my fear of snakes by getting near the big python.

It's already early morning and time to round up.  I hope to see you again and thanks for dropping by! Good morning!

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