Monday, December 21, 2009

On Gold and Swindlers

Have I mentioned here before that we were victimized by some swindlers? Although this incident occurred a couple of years back, I came to remember the incident today coz I’m missing my gold necklaces and bracelets that were taken by some criminal syndicates. Now that the price of gold is soaring high, I wonder if I still could afford to own those valuable gold jewelries I’ve lost to those wicked men. I am just hoping that with the better economic times ahead, I’d be able to acquire some valuable gold jewelry again and perhaps, even buy some gold coins for investment. If ever, I’ll make sure I’d visit Gold Coins Gain website first to get some insights on gold investments.

Now that I am dreaming of having a new set of gold earrings, ring and necklace, I couldn’t help but recall the depressing incident we had back then.. The swindling episode happened when we went out for an overnight outing together with a couple friends and their family. Left in our house were my aging mother and my only house helper. Hubby and I were confident that everything would be well with them as we’ve warned them to be cautious with incoming calls. As we had much fun at the resort, we forgot to check on the two people we left behind. I only did so when we were about to go home. There and then, my house helper informed me that it was late when she realized she was victimized by some unscrupulous men. She said she received a phone call and was informed that we got involved in a vehicular accident and that I was brought to the hospital and my husband was supposedly brought to the jail. She was asked to get all our money and gold jewelries from our cabinets and hand it over to the man who was supposed to be the lawyer helping us with our case. She was warned to keep it from her companion. Scared for our safety, she said she searched all our cabinets and found few hundred U.S dollars from my husband’s attache case and all the nine pieces of gold necklaces and gold bracelets I just left hanging on my dresser and handed them over to the man who met her in a shopping center quite far from our place.

I was stunned when we reached home, finding all my jewelries gone. I was suspicious of my house helper so I brought her to the police precinct for investigation. However, I eventually took pity on her and decided to just release her and just kick her out of our household.

If you think that was the end of it.. you are mistaken! The swindlers attacked for the second time with the same modus operandi. We were just fortunate that the house helper we had at that time was smart enough to have figured out it was a hoax .

Posting this experience to give warning as well, especially to my blogger friends here in the Philippines.

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Dhemz said...

my gosh...really? kakatakot naman yong titaBeng....buti walang nasaktan sa inyo at timing na wala kau sa bahay.

kawawa naman yung helper nyo...:( walang hiya talaga yung mga swindlers ano...lalo na ngayon sure madami mga modus operandi na ganyan.

salamat pala sa dalaw at comment....nako, wala akong pambili don sa cocktail dress kasi dress nila dito....tapos made in!

Nance said...

That was unfortunate, Beng but sounds like an inside job. That helper probably made up the story.

Beng Gee said...

@Dhemz - OO nga eh. Hindi ko lang talaga alam kung kasabwat o hindi yung helper ko kasi yung next na maid, may same experience din. Hay, dami talagang loko dito sa Pinas!

Beng Gee said...

@Nance - You think so, Nance? At first I was really suspicious of her but then it happened again to the next maid. I really couldn't tell.. though hubby was really sure she connived with those swindlers.

PinayWAHM said...

I have to agree with Nance na baka nga inside job yun...and that she was also involved in the 2nd one. She was probably hoping na yung kapalit nya eh engot...buti na lang hindi.

I've had my own unfortunate experience with robbers. Unang taon ko sa Taiwan inakyat yung apartment namin while we were in time....lahat ng alahas ko [isa't kalahati baga...haha] eh tinangay. Since nilooban kami, mas natakot ako dun sa thought na they might come back kasi if they were able to do it the first time, then they could do it again, di ba?

Hay memories....

Talagang pupunta ka ng Famfanga ha? Hehe....kita tayo sa Subic para may kasamang lakwatsa....hehehe...


Beng Gee said...

@Pinay WAHM - Madami talaga nagsasabi ng ganyan, na inside job nga daw yun. Mahirap talaga dito e. Pero kahit din pala sa Korea may masamang loob din e 'no?

Anyway, wishing you, M and E a very Merry Christmas!

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