Monday, November 9, 2009

Brunch at the Makati Shangrila

We were in my Sil’s birthday celebration yesterday. Her daughter’s husband gave a party with the whole family as guests. The celebrant was my Sil, wife of my Kuya, our eldest in the brood of three. Actually, ours is a small family (or is it now a clan?) We rarely had the chance to gather as often as we want to and as completely as we were like yesterday. But every time my U.S. based niece comes to town, we always have a sort of grand reunion together. This time, they gave a treat and it was for her Mom's birthday! It was a brunch party at the Circles, an elegant restaurant in Makati Shangrila, a five star hotel. It was my nth time in Shang but my first time in Circles. The place was awesomely splendid. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! A fantastic assemblage of various international cuisines arranged stylishly and served on the numerous buffet serving counters. It was a very attractive and extravagant buffet. I really love those luscious imported crabs, huge prawns, fresh salmon, tuna and other sashimis and sushis and many other different international cuisines with some cooked right in front of you. Hmnn.. I wished I had a big container inside my tummy then just so I could try all those sumptuous cuisines available, but unfortunately, I haven’t even been halfway through and I was already full. Nonetheless, I still was able to grab a little of every sinful dessert there was. Whew! I wonder what makes them so irresistible! The Brunch Birthday Party was a blast. The celebrant laughed and cried with happiness. Many had their own comedic acts that our earsplitting laughter was heard in the huge hall of the restaurant despite being secluded in an exclusive function room. It was one rare fun moment of bonding together with my Kuya’s (big brother’s) family, my Ate’s (big sister’s) and my own. Our little tots on the carpeted floor were enjoying each others presence while adults continually went back and forth to the serving counters for more of the delectable fares. Obviously, everybody’s happy. I’m sure my niece and her husband were happy as well despite footing a huge bill.

Niece and husband:
former secretary and
boss respectively. Now
married for 21 yrs.

Sil - deceased Kuya's wife

Daughter & Nil

Niece and her son

The table of happy eaters

The whole clan with only
1 nephew missing

My Kuya's family

Chandellier at the Shang Lobby

Grandnephew and grandniece

Daughter w/ police K-9

Nil and grandniece

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Gorgeous MUM said...

Oh, I love Circles too! We used to prefer it than Manila Pen's Nielsen's, but we were disappointed the last few times we dined there. The food selection was not as wide and good as before. Then we switched to Nielsen's, but it's gone now. So I guess back to Circles! LOL!

Good to know all of you had a grand time!

foongpc said...

First!! : )

foongpc said...

Or maybe not! Since comments only visible after your approval! haha!

Anyway, that's a nice gathering! I always enjoy gathering with good food! : )

PinayWAHM said...

Ate Beng....

Nagkasakit ka din pala. Ako naman isang araw lang kaso dusa kasi di ata nagustuhan ng katawan ko yung antibiotic...

How's your dawter doing? Magaling na ba? I hope so....hirap magkasakit....

I hope the rest of your week will be a lot better...


juliana said...

Makati Shang - my most favorite hotel in Manila. whether food or accommodation, they're tops, hands down. although, the rooms needs upgrading na. the feel is not as great as it was way back in 1996 nung bagong bukas lang. although, baka hindi lang the same ang feeling ko because then, c/o Procter & Gamble nun ang expenses whenever I checked in. Iba na kasi ngayon kasi galing sa bulsa ang bayad hahaha.

how are you? hope you're a lot better now.

the donG said...

wow! great choice to celebrate. belated happy great day to your mom. you should try sofitel too.

♡ N o r e e n said...

Mukhang ang saya naman dyan sis at mmmm sarap ng food ah!

DebbieDana said...

Ganda naman ng mga pics nyo, sarap pa ng food! Thank you for sharing ate Beng!

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