Monday, November 16, 2009

Sicknesses Here and There

I have been too occupied recently. Apart from having caught colds and flu myself, I wasn’t feeling well yet when daughter had to be brought to the hospital for continuous diarrhea and vomiting. Fortunately, she’s now doing fine after 2 days of confinement. I felt I was released of the heavy load seeing her fully recovered, but ‘twas not for long. Because on the following day, son was hot as a burning coal after hours of shivering. Oh my! I wondered what was happening. My first reaction was …irritated! Recalling how stubborn he was with regards to eating the right food at the right time and taking for granted his vitamins. He would only eat what he wants and would not consider if it is nutritious or not. He prefers Lucky Me than veggies or would have appetite only for meat and poultry dishes. With my one on one guarding on his food intakes, he’d be nuts and we would clash. Once, he even demanded that I just leave him alone. Maybe now, you understand why I was kinda irritated! Initially, I didn’t want to mind him at all. “You were asking me to leave you alone? Alright, your request is granted!” he was tongue tied on what he heard. I just let her sister look after him in giving him medicines and keeping him dry after perspiring but only for a time being. The mother instinct in me acted otherwise. I couldn’t help but cooked him oatmeal and fried a piece of chicken, his favorite. He disliked oatmeal, but again I insisted. I was glad he finished it. Thankfully now he has recovered. Hopefully, he’d continue to abide by me. He doesn’t want being blogged. Or this would be another issue for us to argue about.

Oh well! I wonder if I’m the only mother in this world who’s caring and concerns are almost always misunderstood.

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Race said...

Tita Bheng I'll guarantee you that you're not the only mother who's caring has been misunderstood, marami talagang ganyan sa mga anak, naku malapit na rin ako dyan! usually it happens when the kids have grown older na. Now that they're ok na it's time na you rest naman. regards!

foongpc said...

Sorry to hear about this season of sickness! I also got sick myself with sore throat and flu. Really hate it!

But hope you and your family are recovering well. And I am sure as a mother, you will still care for your son despite him being stubborn and fighting with you.

If he does not understand your concerns, he will one day. When he grows up and is more matured : )

Liz said...

Hay naku usung-uso yan ngayon. I hope you're all feeling better now.

By the way, there are some awards waiting for you at Moms... Check Nyo. Hope they cheer you up. Congrats!

ellen said...

Worth visiting your blog. Wish to hear from you. God Bless!

addyforest said...

Hope you get to feeling better

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng!

Naku ang hirap maging nanay minsan, no? Little E is still too young to argue [most of the time anyway] but she's slowly 'questioning' some things that we tell her to do.

M seems to be on the verge of getting sick himself. He started sniffling last night and was congested the whole night. He's super duper busy right now until maybe March of next year. I'm just hoping he doesn't get the flue or something. Knowing him, he'll be working even if he's not feeling well.

Ay naku....baket ba kasi nauso ang sakit ano?

Thanks for the visit. Ako di ganong nakaka hop....busy ng konti.


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DebbieDana said...

Hi ate Beng! Musta na? Naku, mahirap magkasakit these days, lalo na dito sa states, sobrang palamig na kasi. But anyway, I hope everyone's getting better na!

Speaking of pagiging nanay...ay naku....mahirap na masarap, hehe! I know you're a great mom so just continue being that way to your kids... :)

Lapit na kong manganak ate...bukas na, pray include me in your prayers. Thank you so much ha!!!

Debbie :)

♡ N o r e e n said...

Sorry to hear that, sis!

I'm sure you are a good mom, sometimes kids just have trouble understanding how much we care for them!

chubskulit said...

Hello TitaB, sorry to hear that the three of you got sick. Hopefully all of you are well now.. Mahirap talaga i feel the frustration with EJ na din TitaB kasi di sya gaya ni Rye sa pagkain ng healthy foods. Our son is more on junk which I really don't like..

Magpapaalam lang po, mawawala muna ako ng ilang linggo.. mwah, will be missing all of you..

alf said...


but i hope they all feel better now.

hindi ka nag-iisa tita beng.

J said...

Hi! Tita B

that must have been an ordeal and I'm sorry to hear that the three of you got the flu. ang hirap lalo na sa Nanay when sickness comes. hope you are all well now and back on track.

have a safe weekend! take care!


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