Monday, November 30, 2009

RJ Bar: Plays the music for the young once

I will use again the over used phrase. …how time flies so quickly! Who would think that this oldie mom used to frequent Folk Houses and Discos in her heydays. Lol! It seems like it wasn’t too long ago when almost every night of the week was spent in different Discos and Music Bar in town like Stargazer Disco in Holiday Inn Hotel(was it Silahis then?), or Siete Pecados in Philippine Plaza Hotel, or Circuit Disco in Regent of Manila and in practically all the popular night places in town. (Not forgetting the very significant Boccassio Disco in Bayview Hotel). I could only sigh as I reminisce that time of my youth. I was yet in my early twenties and life was all fun and excitements. How silly I was to think that life will forever be that way, coming home with bouquets of roses and boxes of chocolates and RCPI telegrams. Ha ha ha…! Perhaps you’d wonder how the hell did I afford those when I was just a lowly ordinary office employee then. Simple! My friends that time were working in Bureau of Customs.. I’m sure you know how easy money was (or still is for that matter) for Customs people.

Other guests on the dance floor.

Well, well… those were the days and given that I was used to it, I tend to miss it. I’m glad hubby could find time to date me out on similar places. (Coz if not, he knew, I’d run amuck. Lol!) So, last Saturday we went out of the normal routine and had fun in RJ Bar in Makati. The place fits those young once like me coz they play the music of the 60’s and the 70’s. I want to emphasize though that 60’s is not my era. Lol! Anyway, I enjoyed the music so much! I wasn’t able to control my feet, so I pulled hubby to the dance floor and swung the night away. We went home hour after midnight and I feel young again!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our 29th Celebration

Although this post is way too late, I’m still posting anyway, only to keep record of one important celebration. …our 29th wedding anniversary last November 22nd! Oh yes, 29 is such a huge number! (as commented by a blogger friend.) But it looks like 'twas not too long ago when we were married in Malate Church one Saturday afternoon. Ahh.., my mind seemed to be stuck in time that stood still! Well, I supposed this is just normal to one aging brain like mine. Or is it? It didn’t feel like it’s already almost three decades spending our lives together. This marriage may not be perfect, but for me, it almost is! Although he's five years my junior, it didn't pose a threat to the relationship. After all, age is just a number, right? I think the significant other feels the same way! (He said so. Keeping my fingers and eyes crossed that he's telling the truth. Lol!) Belated Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

To celebrate the day, we drove to Subic once again. Had lunch at our favorite pit stop in NLEX , roam around Subic, went shopping… chilled out in the much loved Pizza parlor in the place and that’s about it. Celebration is done! No frilled fancy date.. . ganon yata talaga pag matanda na. Ouch! Anyhow, 'twas a wonderful day for the family!

Here are some photos taken:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Souvenir from Blogging

Last week, I withdrew my accumulated blog earnings from Paypal. It reached a certain amount enough for me to afford the pricey jewelry I’ve always dreamed of. It’s a set of south sea pearl earrings and pendant. I’m very pleased that I finally got what I want not using hubby’s money but my own. Likewise, I had bought hubby a high quality leather wallet from Marks and Spencer. It's my wedding anniversary gift for him. I hope he liked it. Yup, it was our 29th wedding anniversary last November 22. I was too tired to blog about it though. I will post the celebration we had, soon. Anyway, I still couldn’t believe that blogging could be this worthy.

And here’s the set of south sea pearls I've bought::

Sunday, November 22, 2009

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sicknesses Here and There

I have been too occupied recently. Apart from having caught colds and flu myself, I wasn’t feeling well yet when daughter had to be brought to the hospital for continuous diarrhea and vomiting. Fortunately, she’s now doing fine after 2 days of confinement. I felt I was released of the heavy load seeing her fully recovered, but ‘twas not for long. Because on the following day, son was hot as a burning coal after hours of shivering. Oh my! I wondered what was happening. My first reaction was …irritated! Recalling how stubborn he was with regards to eating the right food at the right time and taking for granted his vitamins. He would only eat what he wants and would not consider if it is nutritious or not. He prefers Lucky Me than veggies or would have appetite only for meat and poultry dishes. With my one on one guarding on his food intakes, he’d be nuts and we would clash. Once, he even demanded that I just leave him alone. Maybe now, you understand why I was kinda irritated! Initially, I didn’t want to mind him at all. “You were asking me to leave you alone? Alright, your request is granted!” he was tongue tied on what he heard. I just let her sister look after him in giving him medicines and keeping him dry after perspiring but only for a time being. The mother instinct in me acted otherwise. I couldn’t help but cooked him oatmeal and fried a piece of chicken, his favorite. He disliked oatmeal, but again I insisted. I was glad he finished it. Thankfully now he has recovered. Hopefully, he’d continue to abide by me. He doesn’t want being blogged. Or this would be another issue for us to argue about.

Oh well! I wonder if I’m the only mother in this world who’s caring and concerns are almost always misunderstood.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

For Easy Translation

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Brunch at the Makati Shangrila

We were in my Sil’s birthday celebration yesterday. Her daughter’s husband gave a party with the whole family as guests. The celebrant was my Sil, wife of my Kuya, our eldest in the brood of three. Actually, ours is a small family (or is it now a clan?) We rarely had the chance to gather as often as we want to and as completely as we were like yesterday. But every time my U.S. based niece comes to town, we always have a sort of grand reunion together. This time, they gave a treat and it was for her Mom's birthday! It was a brunch party at the Circles, an elegant restaurant in Makati Shangrila, a five star hotel. It was my nth time in Shang but my first time in Circles. The place was awesomely splendid. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! A fantastic assemblage of various international cuisines arranged stylishly and served on the numerous buffet serving counters. It was a very attractive and extravagant buffet. I really love those luscious imported crabs, huge prawns, fresh salmon, tuna and other sashimis and sushis and many other different international cuisines with some cooked right in front of you. Hmnn.. I wished I had a big container inside my tummy then just so I could try all those sumptuous cuisines available, but unfortunately, I haven’t even been halfway through and I was already full. Nonetheless, I still was able to grab a little of every sinful dessert there was. Whew! I wonder what makes them so irresistible! The Brunch Birthday Party was a blast. The celebrant laughed and cried with happiness. Many had their own comedic acts that our earsplitting laughter was heard in the huge hall of the restaurant despite being secluded in an exclusive function room. It was one rare fun moment of bonding together with my Kuya’s (big brother’s) family, my Ate’s (big sister’s) and my own. Our little tots on the carpeted floor were enjoying each others presence while adults continually went back and forth to the serving counters for more of the delectable fares. Obviously, everybody’s happy. I’m sure my niece and her husband were happy as well despite footing a huge bill.

Niece and husband:
former secretary and
boss respectively. Now
married for 21 yrs.

Sil - deceased Kuya's wife

Daughter & Nil

Niece and her son

The table of happy eaters

The whole clan with only
1 nephew missing

My Kuya's family

Chandellier at the Shang Lobby

Grandnephew and grandniece

Daughter w/ police K-9

Nil and grandniece

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Enchanting Island of Mauritius


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stormy Outing

I should have been invigorated after the long holiday. But it looks like it's the contrary. I caught daughter’s colds virus and they are seeking their way to bring me down again. I just hope the anti-flu pills I took would topple these stuffy nose and aching joints. Never mind, it's not the topic anyway!

Last Friday, we headed to Balanga, Bataan once again to take advantage of the long weekend. My sis reserved two-aircond room cottages for our overnight stay in La Vista Balanga Resort not minding the whether forecast. Friday was a bright day without any sign of Typhoon Santi. Everybody, (which included Sis and her children and grandchild, Sil with her boyfriend, nephew and his family, plus my own) have been enjoying the pool at the farm-like resort that much. Food was aplenty, though I didn’t bring any. Nil told me not to, so I just obeyed her, (lol!) Sis’ and Nil’s generosity in bringing food were always there, so what else is there to worry for me? ha ha ha…
We were aware of the coming typhoon alright! But we weren’t aware that it would hit the place like in bull’s eye. Heavy rains started in the evening yet we didn’t mind. We still had fun despite the brown out. The following morning, we woke up to the pounding of strong winds. The cottage’s windows swung to and fro until broken; wall frames were falling to the floor, the trees were swaying vigorously with branches breaking off. Some trees had fallen to the ground and the swimming pools were all covered with leaves and twigs. Our dining and cooking place was in total disarray. The lighter stuff like plastic plates and cups were blown away together with even heavier ones like pots and pans. It was a complete chaos. Fortunately, typhoon Santi's havoc lasted for only few hours. At around 9am, the sky was clear again and the sun was up. As if nothing happened if only for the scattered debris around the resort. And everybody was back in the pool once again despite the tons of leaves on the water. Do you think we would have allowed it to stop having fun? No way!

Sharing you these photos:(click to enlarge)

Fallen tree after the typhoon.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I’m back!

It was a long weekend for us here. All Saints Day which is celebrated on November 1 (yesterday) fell on a Sunday this year, making the following Monday (today) a special non-working holiday. It was made even longer by hubby's Friday vacation leave which allowed us to go on a two day outing (Friday and Saturday) despite the typhoon warning. We had a short stint of extraordinary stormy experience in a resort as a result! Maybe, I’ll tell you about it later. For now, just wanna let you know guys, that I’m up and around and very much ready to go blog hopping. I have lots of updatings to do, so see you soon in your sites!

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