Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Postponed Despedida

Despite the floods around some places in Metro Manila, Ondoy’s ravages didn’t stop us from giving M-i-l a Despedida Treat. According to Niece-in-law, the foods she cooked for the supposed Despedida Outing the day before were all stocked up in her freezer. We could have used it up but we all decided to just meet up at SM North’s Sky Garden. The guys chose Lamesa Restaurant for our dinner then had a drink or two at Padi’s Point while listening to the not so good Rock Band. M-i-l’s brood wasn’t complete but the presence of few seems enough for her. The get-together ended till early midnight of Sunday, September 27.

Thursday, October 1 – Hubby and I drove M-i-l to NAIA Centennial Airport at 5:00 am.
She was supposed to be assisted by Hubby inside the airport but hubby was denied permission to enter and assist. We just endorsed her instead to one airport crew for her assistance.

After only ten hours or so we heard words right away that she had safely reached Sydney. She’s now back to her youngest daughter's family, attending to her beautiful blossoming garden.

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chubskulit said...

Wow, ang saya but malungkot at the same time kasi mapapawalay na naman sa inyo si Nanay..

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sailor said...

The foods looks sumptuous!

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jade said...

Bitter sweet naman to...but the food looks yummy!

Anna Nida said...

Guys wrote about their travel and journey experience from airport...
It is very interesting to read.

chubskulit said...

Hello TitaB, nangangamusta lang... Ingat po lagi!

Gorgeous MUM said...

Wow, another family fun-filled treat!

Btw, thanks for that sweet message when that Dianne sent a not-so-nice one! It's always good to get a heart-warming message from a true friend/blogger like you!

I honestly don't mind even when someone leaves a mesage that was out of topic from what I had posted. The fact that a person took her/his time to leave me a message is enough.

Oh well, we can never please everybody. Nothing is ever good enough to some people.

Sorry for lamenting here!

Modern Mom said...

At least natuloy rin.

Hi Tita beng! Hehe, ako nga yun. :)

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