Sunday, October 11, 2009

Please help!

What would you do if there’s a branded handbag you are badly obsessed with? Buy it? Would you still buy it even if the price is overwhelmingly luxurious for you? Say, $1.5K to $2K which is more or less P75K to P100K if converted to peso. Well maybe, it’s only chicken feed to some of you. Unfortunately not for me!

But what if… you found an almost perfect clone for the price of only P7K and still can get it for a discounted price of P5K. What would you do? Grab or would you still ignore? There’s no question about the quality. As I've said, it’s almost perfect if only for the color which is slightly darker compared to the original. But I’m confident, for those who are not too intensely familiar with the original one won’t notice it at all, not even the embossed logo that happened to be vaguely bigger. Other than those unnoticeable disparities, all is well. …It has the serial no. found inside the bag, accompanied with a protective bag cover and the card with instruction on how to care for it.

Taking all considerations, the fact that it is still a pirated thing,, a copycat, a fake, a replica, an imitaition or whatever you want to call it,. it worth buying? I chuckle as I mull over this confusion. By the way, the cheaper clone is still pricey compared to the unbranded handbags found in big malls but super great deal compared to the original. Now, I'm seeking your opinion. Should I follow my obsessed heart or be guilty and just let it go? Can you please help me decide?!

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chubskulit said...

Ganyan dito sa Korea, may mga copycats silang purses na gawa.. Parang orig na din but still pricey to me.. Ako kasi TitaB basta may magamit ako it doesn't mater if its branded or not.. Can afford ka naman so go for it na hehehe..

Thanks for your vote today TitaB, bukas po ulit, sana di ka magsawa.. Mwah!

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PinayWAHM said...

Go for it! Hahaha.....but I may not be the best person to ask kasi di ako mahilig sa bag...hehe

As long as you're happy with it then it's all that matters.

How was the weekend there? Was..kasi halos patapos na dyan.

Have a great week ahead.


rjs mama said...

Just my opinion: If I were you, I will not buy it. 5K is still big money for a fake product.

foongpc said...

If I were you, I will buy it. But I won't advise you to do so cos I don't want to encourage you to buy imitation goods. Haha!

juliana said...

I think I'm not the right person to help you kasi bias ako hehe. I'm a bag girl kasi and I own a few of the possible brands you are talking about based sa price points that you mentioned. In fact, dahil sa bag obsession ko I even have pieces acquired for much more.

I say, NO. pleaseeeeee... but, if you don't mind carrying a replica, it's actually up to you pa rin in the end. let me tell you though, a bag hag like me can easily spot a replica.

whatever you decide on, hope you'll be happy with it. or better yet, ask the hubs to snag one for you hehe.

take care and have a great week ahead!

Race said...

for me tita it's still expensive for an imitation bag, dapat pag imitation lang eh not too pricey even if it's like an original pa! but if you really like it and you can afford naman go for it, kase tayong mga girls if we want something and we have worked for the money naman minsan it's nice to splurge on some things di ba?

ako i don't mind if i have branded or unbranded things as long as maganda ang quality especially sa clothes i really look for quality kahit walang brands, but for the bags medyo iba kase talaga ang design and look pag may brand :-)

teka did i help you or naconfuse ka lang hehehe! buy it na lang tita beng kesa isip ka pa ng isip kayang-kaya ni tom yan hehehe!

Beng Gee said...

To all of you, Chubskulit, PinayWAHM,rjs mama,foongpc,Juliana and Race -

Many thanks for your different views. I still can't make up my mind.
I just wish I have enough funds to get the original just like you, Juliana! But not unless moolah is overflowing, I don't think I'd splurge hundreds of thousand pesos for a handbag. P5K is just fine for good quality bags but what makes it confusing for me is the replica thing. I still can't get over it, you know! ha ha ha!

DebbieDana said...

I don't know what to say ate Beng,hehe.

But anyway, thank you for asking about my relatives in Pangasinan. Thank God they are all fine... Our house in Manaoag was not affected by the heavy flooding although it was so sad to see 90% of my province was in deep flood.

Hope you have a great week!

alf said...

it does not matter kung bag mo eh fake or genuine, what is important yung nasa loob tita beng. baka naman P100k ang laman ng bag eh di carry na yun.

PinayWAHM said...

Hala lalo ka atang naguluhan....hahaha.

Whatever makes you happy sabi nga....

Hopefully, Papa Tom will be able to 'help'....'ya know? Tee heee....


Beng Gee said...

@ DebbieDana - It's alright Debbie, kasi baka payi ikaw maguluhan lang. he he..
Glad to know your relatives in Pngasinan are safe. Sad for many of our kababayans..

Beng Gee said...

@ Alf - hayy naku, how I wish! Sarap sana kung ganon nga.

Beng Gee said...

@ Pinay WAHM - yes, di ko pa rin alam
what to do e. Nahiya naman ako ke Tom, taga-ubos kasi ako ng pera nya. he he..

raquel of Cafe Nilson said...

wow....i will not pay that much for a bag...hehehe..kuripot ako, eh...o sige..padalan na lang kita ng ibang bag...hehehehe...paper or plastic?:)

Beng Gee said...

@ Raquel of Cafe Nilson - ha ha ha!
talaga ha? kahit papel o plastic basta bigay mo, loves ko!

juliana said...

oh di ba, tayong mga wives taga-ubos nga ng pera ng mga asawa hahaha. at least hindi ako nag-iisa.

have fun shopping!

♡ N o r e e n said...

The "replica" one will not probably last that long at sayang lang if you buy something na medyo mahal tapos masisira lang agad.

If you really want the real one pero sobra mahal naman, I guess pagipunan mo na lang..or baka may layaway dyan?

Pareho tayo na pag may nakita na gustung-gusto ay di makatiis hahahhaha

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