Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Mid Autumn Festival

The third major festival of the Chinese calendar is celebrated on the 15th day of the eight month. It corresponds to harvest festival as observed by western cultures. The Mid Autumn Festival is also known as Moon Cake Festival. It is called as such because a special kind of sweet cake (yueh ping) prepared in the shape of the moon is served as a traditional Chung Chiu delicacy.

Days ago, my Chinese friend Susan sent me this Moon Cakes. She never forgets to send us these delicacy every year just like the Tikoy she’s sending us every Chinese New Year. Thanks again, Susan. You are as sweet as these moon cakes!

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raquel of Cafe Nilson said...


PinayWAHM said...

Oh my...nagsawa ako sa mga moon cakes when I was still teaching sa Taiwan. I had advisory classes with 30 students each year and they would give me boxes upon boxes of these cakes. It came to a point na ayaw ko ng tingnan....haha. But now, I'm missing them.

Another weekend is done Ate Beng....looking forward to another one.

Btw, natuloy ba yung alis ng MIL mo?

J...have a great week ahead.

chubskulit said...

Miss ko yung tikoy nila ate hehehe...

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sailor said...

Wow, its nice to have good friends isn't it Ms. Beng?

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Jade said...

I love moon cakes too but it's quite tiresome too if you see them everywhewre you go:) All the malls an shopping places have em here:)

DebbieDana said...

hhmmmmmmmmm, yummy moon cakes! Patikim nga, hehe!

Musta na ate Beng? My due date nga pala is November 23... Lapit na...

Enjoy the whole week! Ingat..

foongpc said...

For a minute, I thought you also celebrate the Mooncake Festival! So your Chinese friend sends you mooncakes every year without fail? What a nice friend!! : )

juliana said...

haven't tasted moon cake in a long time. this looks appetizing!

how have you been?

I've been quite busy as the husband has been off from work and we have been running around town hoping to get close to accomplishing some projects.

take care!

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