Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm Hooked with PBB Double Up

PBB Double Up Opening

On the initial showing of the Pinoy Big Brother Double-up Edition last week, I thought I won’t be interested in the new show. I was watching the new batch of Housemates being introduced one by one and I didn’t see anything fairly interesting in anyone of them. But after a week’s showing and after introducing another 10 housemates, I begun to feel the excitement each night that I watch the show especially with the tasks given to the real married couple Jimson and Kath along with Patrick and likewise to the other supposedly “in a relationship” Rob and Rica, which incidentally, is a transvestite. PBB staff knows exactly how to inject thrill and excitement on the show. But Melai definitely, has already stolen the audience’s attention. She’s another Pokwang in the making and maybe even better. I am definitely hooked with the show now, such that all I am waiting for every night on TV was the wrapping up of all the telenovelas so I can already watch PBB Double up Edition.

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maritz said...

Too late at night kasi to..time for my blogging..hahahaha

Gorgeous MUM said...

So you like the Pinoy version of Big Brother! Is it really exciting?

Beth said...

Ate beng, di ko watch yan e, bka kasi magising kids. maganda ba?

anyway, drop by ka sa site ko ha? i mentioned you and your site, thanks ate beng! :)

♡ N o r e e n said...

Hay miss ko na TFC wala kami dito dahil kakalipat lang namin ng ibang state huhuhu

juliana said...

haven't catch this show yet. not even really sure if this is included in the TFC program line up.

eto ako at giniginaw na. it's gotten really cold here so quick.

re: baking, I have to, kasi close na favorite kong bakeshop. I can control the sweetness of my baked goodies, lalo na that bakeries seem to load their baked goods with too much sugar.

enjoy your weekend!

Race said...

talaga you enjoy pala PBB i also watch that but only at night di masyadong tutok, i've got tag for you pala at

Joops said...

Did you say Pokwang hehehe.. I remember her in Wowowee! Have a great weekend Tita Bing. I hope you don't me calling you Tita..

ryliej said...

Dami kong namimiss na shows hehehe.. Kumusta TitaB?

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alf said...

alam mo di pa ako nakapanood ng pbb, di ko kasi alam kung anong oras dito. kiung daytime kasi there's no chance i can catch it on tv.

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