Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swedish Crayfish Party

Have you tasted these? I didn't know they are called crayfish. (Yeah, I admit, I'm that ignorant!) They look so fresh and sweet! I saw this in my niece's blog, Cafe Nilson.com. I didn't know too, it is a sought-after delicacy in Sweden. Have you been to a Swedish Crayfish Party?. Get to know the merriment with loads of singing and oodles of delicious crayfish here!

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alf said...

i've seen them pero hindi pa ako nakatim ng crawfish. parang ayoko yata. shrimps nalang or crabs kaya. noh?

ingat dyan tita beng.

PinayWAHM said...

I've seen them but I have not tried them...or maybe I did. Pinatikman ata ako ni M when I first came here. Hindi ako basta basta kumakain kasi pag di ko kilala....hahaha...hindi ako adventurous when it comes to food kasi takot ako, eh.

Ano plano natin sa weekend ate Beng? Weekend na naman...weeeeeehhh! Enjoy!


J said...

love them. natatakam tuloy ako. I don't have it as often but when we go to our seafood resto I always have crayfish.

have a great weekend!


juliana said...

yung scholar namin is a he. a friend kasi knows a prof in LS and that was how we got started to sponsoring.

holiday yata ulit dyan this Monday ha. sarap maging employee pag maraming holidays. dito din, Labor Day this Monday kaya 3 day weekend din kami dito.

chubskulit said...

Yum, sa kulay pa lang suave na ang lasa hehehe.. Sa aquarium ko lang yan nakikita dito sa korea TitaB hehehe..

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Liz said...

Hay Tita Beng ang sarap nyan! Thanks for adding my sites, ikaw rin added na. :)

Btw, here are Joel's:
Big Boys Have Toys Too
Life's A Pizza Pie

SHY said...

Wah I have been to this kind of party, lami jd bia na sya te :P..

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