Thursday, September 17, 2009

M-I-L is leaving soon

My mother-in-law is presently here with us after a four months stay with S-i-l. She’s in her 6th and last month of stay here in the country. On the 1st of October, she's scheduled to fly back to Australia. She was with us the whole of her first month and now, on her last here. But allow me to mention that even when she's not with us, we always pick her up and bring her to an out of town trips together with S-i-l. Today, I can feel her boredom but I can’t do anything about it at the moment. We used to bring her out every so often but due to inclement weather lately, we just stay home.

M-i-l is a caring mother to her daughters. I’ve noticed how she looks after them very lovingly with moral and financial support. They’re needs are well taken cared of by her. They are very fortunate to have such a caring mother.

She is talking of retiring in the Philippines in one or couple of years time. Sil has relayed to me what Mil mentioned to her. She told her that no one will take care of her in Australia so she prefers to stay here in the Phils. coz Beng, (yours truly) is here to take care of her. What a very loving gesture from her! I’m thankful, she feels that way towards me.! I’m pretty sure though, that Sil didn't tell me that to prepare me for the event.. She is considerate enough to know that an elderly parent is more of a daughter's responsibility than a daughter-in-law's. (Can you please tell me if I'm wrong here?!) Besides, I'm very, very sure she would only want to devotedly return all the loving, kind and caring support she have tremendously enjoyed from her.

On M-i-l's few remaining days in the country, maybe, with the fine weather forecast on the coming weekend, we can bring her out and around again. We'd give her the best we can give and the loving care she ought to have..... for now! For the rest, we are leaving to the ever kind and loving daughter, my S-I-L!

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PinayWAHM said...

Wala akong MIL [well, I do..but she's a Step-MIL at hindi close kay M] but if my Nanay is still with us, there's a big chance na sa akin sya titira. She was close to my SILs though and she actually spent most of her last days with the SILs than me because I was working out of the country then.

Personally [kung may son din ako], I would probably choose to stay with my daughter's family...maybe.

@blood test...sana nga pregnancy test noh? Kaso hindi eh. With my meds for my thyroid there's less than 1% na ako eh mabubuntis daw....bukod sa ako eh kwarenta'y tres na...hehehe...

Have a wonderful weekend Ate Beng...


juliana said...

lucky, lucky you!!! bihira ang MIL na ganyan.

no, you're not wrong to think that way. I think conventional belief match with your thinking. although, there are stories where you hear that the MIL relates better to the daughter in law more than their own daughter.

buti na lang 4 daughters kami, and just 1 bro( who happens to be the youngest. marami sanang pagpipilian ang Mom ko but then 2 na lang siblings ko ang nasa Phil. (sis and bro). If my Mom opts to stay here sa US 3 kaming andito, kaya lang when they (Dad and Mom)decided to leave the US dyan na sila at bisi-bisita lang sila dito.

have a great weekend whatever you're doing with your family! TC!

Beth said...

Hi Ate Beng,
Parang I can relate to that!
My MIL kasi is kinda close to me. There were times that I feel that she wants to stay with us and/or tell me stories kesa sa daughters niya. :) hehehe, minsan lang un ha? bka naman mabasa to ng mga SIL ko at magselos! :)

Pero sa tutoo lang, I think it is just right na ung biological daughters ang mag-alaga sa mom nila kesa daughters-in-law, di ba? Not just because responsibility nila yun but also to grab the chance to return back to their mom all the love and care she's given them all these years.

Have a happy week, Ate Beng! :)
Nku naman, salamat sa compliment mo, e blush naman ako! But kidding aside, I really don't think I am that pretty as they always tell me. Bka dati un, Ate Beng, wala na ngayon!!! waaaahhhh!

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