Friday, September 11, 2009

Blogger Friends Meet Up

It was uncomfortably raining that day but nothing could stop me from meeting Mira, the visiting U.S. based Blogger buddy. She is here in the Philippines for vacation. We agreed to meet at Recipes, a cozy eating place in Greenbelt 3, Makati City last Tuesday. At the agreed place, I came to meet her other Blogger friends she was to meet too, couple Liz and Joel.

To be honest, I had qualms in meeting Mira in person, but those doubts vanished when I finally met her in person. Mira was so warm and charming. Quite open too! I felt like I’ve known her for a veeerrrry long time. I had a wrong impression though, before I met her. I thought she looks matured (sorry for that Mira!). So contrary to her very youthful look in person like she is only in her late twenties or early thirties. The new Blogger friends Liz and Joel were also very gracious and comfortable to be with. Liz was even sharing her blogging techniques, of which I’m still trying out in my blog until now. Her hubby, Joel was jovial and obviously a friendly person. Having those popular celebrities amongst his close friends.

When we sat for lunch, there was no stopping for our chit chats until we realized we haven’t given our orders yet. We were the first customers to arrive and funny to note that it looked like we were also the last to leave. After the sumptuous lunch, we transferred to Starbucks and stayed there till it was rush hour.

It was indeed one beautiful day spent with beautiful people! I’m very fortunate to be given the chance to meet Mira, Liz and Joel in person. I love blogging all the more. Wonderful friends abound here!

Mira and me.

Joel, Liz and Mira with our sumptuous lunch.

The blogging couple.

The waiter was kind enough to take our group picture.

Recipes Menu

Dinner plate setting.

Mira was unstoppable in giving out a second treat.

Bloggers forever. Anytime, anywhere!

Cheese cake, sans rival and capuccinos.

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chubskulit said...

Wowowow TitaB, you are so lucky to meet virtual friends in person, ako wala pang namimeet lol.. Sige visit ko din mga blogs ni TMira, di ko pa sya kilala eh hehehe

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Race said...

Wow nice that you meet each other na, it's nice meeting people of same interest din, wish i could meet all of you din mira and liz also, yeah tita beng meet tayo, minsan nga liz told me that she's in tiendesitas eh lapit lang sa work ko non but now i'm here na in cainta, anyway i'll look forward meeting you, i'll just arrange my time and if you're not busy din, super busy mom ako eh! you know when your kids are small pa, thanks vm! tc!

Juliana said...

hello!!! nakakainggit naman kayo.

tayo, kailan kaya magkikita?

enjoy the weekend Tita B. TC!

Tom said...

It's really a nice feeling meeting blogger friends. I wish I were there. He he he . . .

Liz said...

Joel and I are so glad to have met you guys. Sana maulit. :)

joel said...

Enjoy ako ng husto. Sana maulit muli!

PinayWAHM said...

Bat naman kasi di sumama si Papa Tom? Hehe....

What can I say? I second Tuks...inggit ako!!!!!!!!! Naku pag nananalo ako sa lotto, uuwi talaga ako in a heartbeat....hehehe

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Ate Beng. Dito maulan since last night....bed weather kumbaga...


foongpc said...

I enjoy meeting up with blogger friends too. It's nice to know the person behind the blogs I read : )

Mira said...

Not sure if my first message went through. Anyway, thank you for agreeing to meet with me despite the rain. It was worth the 4-hour drive from my place, lol.

Mira said...

Not sure if my first message went through. Anyway, thank you for agreeing to meet with me despite the rain. It was worth the 4-hour drive from my place, lol.

Gorgeous MUM said...

It is always nice to finally meet cyber friends! And yes, it does feel like you've known one another for years!

Good to know you guys had fun!

Next time, tayo naman! LOL!

chubskulit said...

Have a nice week ahead TitaB.

sailor said...

Very nice meet up!

you are the light of the world said...

Similar interests, mutual respect and strong attachment with each other are what friends share between each other. These are just the general traits of a friendship.To experience what is friendship, one must have true friends, who are indeed rare treasure.

I have added you to my blogger roll, hope you can do the same thing for me so that we can have constant communication.

DebbieDana said...

WOW! You sure had a blast!! Meeting with our blogger friends is really wonderful, ang saya!!

Made me think, sayang, we should have met too when I was in the Philippines last summer, but that's ok, we'll be back din tayo! :)


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