Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aborted Despedida

My Mother-in-law is leaving tomorrow to fly back to Sydney, Australia. Last Friday, we (especially our niece-in-law) prepared a lot of food for an early despedida to be held on that weekend in a beach in Bagac, Bataan. Then Saturday came, all was set. Most of the foods were cooked, our clothes were packed, the utensils and each and every need were all ready to be boarded in the car when suddenly the rain poured heavily. There was a long discussion on whether to push through or not. NIL who's in Pampanga, requested that we push through our plan coz she was done in cooking lots of foods. Thus, despite the furious weather, we decided to board the car and drove through the rain. But after only few kilometers from our place, the traffic wouldn’t move. We were stuck in the midst of traffic jam . We learned later that streets were in deep waters, that's why.

We turned back when we had the chance, only to go through deeply flooded roads. We were lucky that we got back just in the nick of time. We could have been caught and stranded in the depth of Ondoy’s flood along North Luzon Expressway if we went on. We were glad we made it home with only little difficulty but it was so depressing to see what other people went through of which, amongst those was my SIL and her family. Her house was submerged in water more than six feet high. She’s lucky that they have their second floor where they took refuge together with their neighbors.

Ondoy’s havoc is unbelievably catastrophic and so distressing. Ondoy is gone but the aftermath will linger for long. Let’s pray for all the victims and give help in whatever way we can. There are many Operation Tulong where you can send your help. Let hope and pray that all the victims can recover soon and that our government officials won’t feast on those countless financial donations being sent by other countries for their own personal consumption. If they do, I pray, may God bless their soul.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Internet's Security

Are you familiar with Trojan, worm, and malware? I admit I am not familiar with the real explanation of these words, but can you blame me? We all know that the advent of the internet comes with advantages and disadvantages, and though I am trying really hard in adapting, I’m still at the part where I am savvying the advantages.

On the other hand, I don’t think I need to struggle to master what virus, spyware, and whatnots are about for I just need to know one basic thing—how to protect my computer from these.

Aside from being extra cautious on the files we download from emails and websites, it will be very beneficial for us to install an internet security suite. It would be best if we could get the most efficient security programs available. On some websites, I came across various security programs that promise protection on information that we send and receive through the internet. Basically, all security suites include anti-virus, anti spyware, firewall, phishing filters and parental controls (which, by the way, were explained to me one by one by my son.) It seems that these specifics are always given on any security suite I checked online, and so, you may want to look up for something with extra—like 30 day money back guarantee and 100% free technical support. Now that will really make our online life much more hassle-free!

Well, like what I’ve mentioned, I don’t need to learn about online offenders, because I can always purchase and install trusted security suite (and call their technical helpdesk for any further assistance). That will absolutely remove my apprehensions when going online and I can just always focus on becoming skilled at the internet’s advantages.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Manila Cathedral

Sunday turned out to be one bright sunny day. We had no reason not to bring MIL around town, so being a Sunday, we opted to hear mass at the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila. MIL wanted to visit again the said cathedral after her last mass here last year.

It’s been a while for me too, since I last got to see the place that has much significance to me as well as hubby. In my younger days when I was yet single, I never did forget to pass-by this church every morning before I proceed to my place of work located right behind. And what had I been praying for then? Ha ha ha! Honestly? I was praying for the right man to come into my life since a previous relationship was a flop, And you bet! A man suddenly came up before me and I grabbed him by the collar and asked him to marry me! Awwwoooo!

Seriously? He popped up in the office and the rest is history.

Well, so much for history lessons... after hearing mass, we dropped by Joliibee at Ma.Orosa St, for our breakfast. Then to Trinoma Mall for some shopping.

A sumptuos lunch in Gilligans followed the shopping. After which we were to make a stop-over at SIL's place while hubby made a few laps of his bking exercise in UP Diliman campus..
'Twas already dinner when we reached home. I can sense, MIL had been satisfied.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Nephew's Family is Migrating

My nephew, a U.S. Navyman stationed in Seattle, Washington is coming home again in October. This time around, he is to fetch his family to settle in the U.S. until his time of retirement. His wife should have been with him in the U.S. a long time ago but since he is in constant deployment, he prefers to leave her here in the country temporarily.

His wife seems all set for the forthcoming migration although she fears that she might be engulfed by loneliness if ever her husband, (my nephew) would be deployed again. My nephew is assuring her though that it is a remote possibility at the moment. But just in case it happens, he assures her that she’ll get her a Direct TV to entertain her when he’s away. He is now looking for the right Direct TV Package for her and at the same time trying to find some Direct TV Deals. There are a number of Direct TV Offers he has considered but he is leaving the decision to her when the family is already settled in their U.S. home.

I am happy for my nephew that his family is now joining him. I wish them all the best in this new phase of their family’s life

Thursday, September 17, 2009

M-I-L is leaving soon

My mother-in-law is presently here with us after a four months stay with S-i-l. She’s in her 6th and last month of stay here in the country. On the 1st of October, she's scheduled to fly back to Australia. She was with us the whole of her first month and now, on her last here. But allow me to mention that even when she's not with us, we always pick her up and bring her to an out of town trips together with S-i-l. Today, I can feel her boredom but I can’t do anything about it at the moment. We used to bring her out every so often but due to inclement weather lately, we just stay home.

M-i-l is a caring mother to her daughters. I’ve noticed how she looks after them very lovingly with moral and financial support. They’re needs are well taken cared of by her. They are very fortunate to have such a caring mother.

She is talking of retiring in the Philippines in one or couple of years time. Sil has relayed to me what Mil mentioned to her. She told her that no one will take care of her in Australia so she prefers to stay here in the Phils. coz Beng, (yours truly) is here to take care of her. What a very loving gesture from her! I’m thankful, she feels that way towards me.! I’m pretty sure though, that Sil didn't tell me that to prepare me for the event.. She is considerate enough to know that an elderly parent is more of a daughter's responsibility than a daughter-in-law's. (Can you please tell me if I'm wrong here?!) Besides, I'm very, very sure she would only want to devotedly return all the loving, kind and caring support she have tremendously enjoyed from her.

On M-i-l's few remaining days in the country, maybe, with the fine weather forecast on the coming weekend, we can bring her out and around again. We'd give her the best we can give and the loving care she ought to have..... for now! For the rest, we are leaving to the ever kind and loving daughter, my S-I-L!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday in Family Karaoke Bar

Our family is a typical Filipino family who loves videoke. Anytime we get the chance to grab a microphone, we sing. Not that we are good singers but because we just love to . It gives joy and gladness, and amusement!. Last week, we celebrated son’s birthday in a Family Karaoke Bar, with my deceased brother’s family. We had much fun singing, eating and drinking. We started in the afternoon and wrapped up in the early evening. We left the place still feeling exhilarated from heartfelt singing like no problem exists in this world.

But there was trouble when we arrived at our place. We couldn’t enter our house immediately coz I couldn’t find the key. I searched my handbag looking for it and 'twas only found inside the car after a long while of searching. I remember the keyless lock of my friend’s home. They only have their fingers to unlock the house. So hi-tech and advantageous.Hubby was mocking me coz he was suggesting keyless lock to me before. I didn't know the advantages of such keyless lock only till now. How I wish I listened to hubby!

Anyway, the temporary trouble didn't take away the previous enjoyment we had though. It still remained a day of fun!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Blogger Friends Meet Up

It was uncomfortably raining that day but nothing could stop me from meeting Mira, the visiting U.S. based Blogger buddy. She is here in the Philippines for vacation. We agreed to meet at Recipes, a cozy eating place in Greenbelt 3, Makati City last Tuesday. At the agreed place, I came to meet her other Blogger friends she was to meet too, couple Liz and Joel.

To be honest, I had qualms in meeting Mira in person, but those doubts vanished when I finally met her in person. Mira was so warm and charming. Quite open too! I felt like I’ve known her for a veeerrrry long time. I had a wrong impression though, before I met her. I thought she looks matured (sorry for that Mira!). So contrary to her very youthful look in person like she is only in her late twenties or early thirties. The new Blogger friends Liz and Joel were also very gracious and comfortable to be with. Liz was even sharing her blogging techniques, of which I’m still trying out in my blog until now. Her hubby, Joel was jovial and obviously a friendly person. Having those popular celebrities amongst his close friends.

When we sat for lunch, there was no stopping for our chit chats until we realized we haven’t given our orders yet. We were the first customers to arrive and funny to note that it looked like we were also the last to leave. After the sumptuous lunch, we transferred to Starbucks and stayed there till it was rush hour.

It was indeed one beautiful day spent with beautiful people! I’m very fortunate to be given the chance to meet Mira, Liz and Joel in person. I love blogging all the more. Wonderful friends abound here!

Mira and me.

Joel, Liz and Mira with our sumptuous lunch.

The blogging couple.

The waiter was kind enough to take our group picture.

Recipes Menu

Dinner plate setting.

Mira was unstoppable in giving out a second treat.

Bloggers forever. Anytime, anywhere!

Cheese cake, sans rival and capuccinos.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I need to count sheep!

Rain is pouring hard on this side of town at the moment which should have induced me to go to bed early tonight. But I guess, I still would need to count sheep to bring myself dead to the world.. Ask me why! Because… I’m kinda excited for the long awaited meet up with a Blogger friend!. Yes, finally I‘m gonna meet this U.S. based blogger friend whom I’ve long wanted to meet personally. Tomorrow will be the day. So watch out what happens next. I have to go and try to catch some sleep now. I don’t wanna be late for my appointment with her and I’ve heard, with other bloggers as well. Ciao!

Friday, September 4, 2009


In my younger days, I was one of the avid followers of the PBA (Phil. Basketball Assn.) particularly the Toyota Team. I would be with my office mates who’d dare to squeeze it out to queue in for the most wanted basketball tickets in the box office. I still remember how we would irresponsibly leave our office early on only to get to the box office before time. Those precious PBA tickets were extremely in demand specially if it would be for a championship game. We didn’t care if we get into trouble just to have our tickets in hand. Those silly times, I could only smile at now! On how we endured difficulties just for the tickets of our favorite basketball games.

Today, it’s a totally different story. Tickets can be availed from the comforts of our homes. No more queuing! I bet, people in U.S. territory are a lot more fortunate 'cause they have They can easily purchase their tickets for whatever event they want, whether it be for concerts, games or other big affairs. It is easy to log on to their sites if they are looking for BRADLEY CENTER TICKETS, RAYMOND JAMES STADIUM TICKETS or the TSONGAS ARENA TICKETS. It would be quite difficult to find online ticket company like them who gives advises on your ticket purchase as well as offers you the lowest possible ticket prices. How I wish, we had their kind here existing in my time!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swedish Crayfish Party

Have you tasted these? I didn't know they are called crayfish. (Yeah, I admit, I'm that ignorant!) They look so fresh and sweet! I saw this in my niece's blog, Cafe I didn't know too, it is a sought-after delicacy in Sweden. Have you been to a Swedish Crayfish Party?. Get to know the merriment with loads of singing and oodles of delicious crayfish here!

The Best Market to Invest In

The present worldwide economy’s stability is getting erratic, but most often than not, it’s on its low ebb. So what could be the best thing to put your investments in? Many are veering away from stocks at the moment which continually decrease in value. They are putting their investments on gold. Investing in any type of gold is always a good decision. It is a well known fact that gold is the most precious metal and the most popular as an investment.

Some would buy gold in the form of jewelries so as to make use of their investment while others, who are actually gold collectors, buy gold coin and bullion for its much higher escalation of value. However, investors must be fully aware that there are many things to consider if he is to buy bullion. As one gold collector advises, buying bigger bullion usually makes it difficult to sell unlike the smaller ones.

In a brief summary, anything gold normally holds its value and generally escalates spectacularly over a period of time. Beyond doubt, gold is the best market you can invest in, especially in these unpredictable economic times.

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