Monday, August 10, 2009

ICS' "I Can Eat" Get-Together

The intermittent rain pour last Saturday morning didn’t pose a threat to the I Can Serve Breast Cancer Survivors to meet-up and lunch together at Bibeth Orteza’s place in Forbes Park, Makati City. With what seems like a blessing from heaven, the gloomy rainy day turned out to be a bright and sunny one which allowed each one to enjoy the simple elegance of the potluck party’s venue at the poolside lawn. There were more than enough delicious foods and delicacies. If you’d take a look at all of the ladies in that jovial gathering, you will never say that the common denominator that binds the group together is the big C, specifically Breast CA. Everyone is so vibrant and full of life. No trace of that life threatening disease. I supposed, that’s one of the good things big C has done to us. Meeting these beautiful ladies from all walks of life, from the admired celebrities, surgeon, dentist, journalists, artist, to ordinary housewife like me. The presence and support for each one have somehow created a valuable lifeline. There were endless exchanges of notes and experiences which excite me all the more to think about the next get-together. This captioned "I Can Eat" Party was indeed a super blast! Everybody, I must say, went home highly spirited looking forward to another exhilarating experience such as this.

Here are some photos taken

All kinds of delicious food.

Fruits and other deserts.

These happy faces are just part of the group.

With Bibeth (holding tumbler) and other sistahs.

Maritoni F. and Melissa D. exchanging notes with

other ladies.

With actress Melissa De Leon-Joseph (Christopher's younger sis)

Kara Alikpala, a celeb in her own right.with Lydia

Paredes, wife of APO's Jim Paredes.

Actress Maritoni Fernandez w/ Kara A.

Fashion Model Patti Betita

Former actress Toni Abad, also a sibling of actor Christopher

De Leon w/ Lydia Paredes.

With Maritoni Fernandez.

The elder child of Bibeth entertaining us with

a Michael Jacson piece.

About ICanServe Foundation:

ICanServe is an advocacy group for early breast cancer detection. Through high impact information campaigns and community-based screening programs that promote regular breast self-examination, clinical breast examination and mammography, its network of partners and volunteers, led by cancer survivors, empowers women with hope, help and information to give those diagnosed a fighting chance. The Philippine Cancer registry lists more than 10,000 cases among Filipinas with a mortality rate of 40% every year. The Philippine Cancer Society estimates that in 2005, there were around 14,000 new breast cancer cases and around 6,000 women died from breast cancer in the same year. Early breast cancer detection saves lives.

7 Comentários:

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng....

Wow! Very inspiring to read this knowing it's a celebration of life. Thanks for sharing it with us.

It's truly an honor to know you Ate Beng.

Have a great week.


DebbieDana said...

WOW, ate Beng, looks like you had a blast! Those food, naku, ang sasarap naman, kakagutom! And ofcourse, those prominent personalities, walang kupas pa rin ang ganda nila! It was a great get-together!!

Debbie :)

juliana said...

hello there. kumusta na.

just looking at the dessert buffet makes me want to run over. tulo laway ako.

hats off to all you brave ladies!

ryliej said...

Wow TBeng, this is a great event and may consolation pa, you got to know and see some actresses....

S-H-Y said...

WOW with celebrities nmn :P

mahesh said...

seeing those deserts feels me many varieties...u people had a blast....

Mhar's Display said...

Great this so fun. You met celebrities pa. Wow. Wishing the foundation more success.
by the way, thanks for leaving a comment in my post. I am glad you find it amusing.


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