Thursday, July 30, 2009

The series of celebrations

I had a series of celebrations on the week of my birthday. Although my actual birthday was on a Monday, I advanced the good time on the Saturday prior to my day. We had a family lunch out in Oki, Oki, a Japanese Restaurant then we met with my nephew and his family in the evening and had dinner at Giligan’s, a gimik place in Trinoma Mall. My nephew is very private and doesn’t want to show his and his wife’s photo. Below is his daughter, Lianne Victoria. I insisted on this one. Ain't she cute?

Below is the celebration with my family together with my
in-laws in Superbowl of China, still in Trinoma on the
actual day of my birthday, Monday.

Thursday was the day with my close buddies.

Just feeling happy...

And Saturday was a whole day of fun with my own Kuya’s (big brother) family.

We went swimming in Sun City Resort in Calamba, Laguna.

Still in Sun City...

The grillers

Nephew and his son, when we stopped over at Shell SLEX.
Modelling for the store's hats.

I enjoyed swimming a lot that I forgot to take photos of the food we had.
We only had some seafoods like shrimps and fish. Also chicken barbecues
plus Niece-in-law's especialty of Carbonara.

It was quite a busy week and one birthday week I'll never forget.

7 Comentários:

raquel said...

wow! enjoy!!!!

Race said...

wow plenty of celebration tita, d ka naman masyadong busy nyan ha! (joke) pano naman kami ni redge wala bang blowout? kita kits tayo minsan

Mari said...

Well, Happy Birthday. You seemed to have had a blast on your special day.

Bloghopping from my friend, Nance.

Nance said...

Tita Beng,
these pics showed you are well loved! daming celebrasyon ng bday, sarap ng kainan AT ang cute cute naman ny Lianne!

Beng said...

wow...engrande talaga tita beng ha, haba ng celebration. belated happy birthday!

anna said...

Happy birthday! More blessings to come...

Dhemz said...

oh my gosh.....sarap namang ng celebration nyo te....ganda...tska may ihaw ihaw pa...kakamiss talaga...hay buhay....heheheh!

thanks for sharingt he pics....:)

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