Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Medical Tests Results

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m done with my Mammo and Breast Ultrasound. I’m so glad that I once again passed the said medical tests with flying colors! Hurray!! But you see, while I was confined in the hospital, I had my x-ray. The result looked not so good to my Pulmonologist. He called Hubby outside the room as if wanting a secret discussion. I can’t help but be anxious so I stood up from my bed and pull the dextrose pole with me to follow them. I asked what’s wrong and he disclosed that the x-ray plate shows some doubtful signs. He didn’t directly declare it’s big C related but he insinuates that there is the 1% possibility that it is. My, oh my!! I could already feel my heart pumping hard and my head seemed to burst! My eyes fixed at the doctors face trying to find some clue that he's just kidding! What if? Is it claiming me now? I prayed hard!

To eliminate the 1% doubt, I was requested to have chest CT-scan. While lying there, I am claiming my absolute healing, imagining all the small li’l crabs dead and out of my body. And then the result! It was quick. After only four hours, I was told it was an infection…a Bronchitis! Oh God! I thank thee!! I felt like screaming to my lung’s content! Oh yeah! It’s only a Bronchitis and not a metastasis!! Thanks be to God! I'm truly, truly, truly Cancer free!! Now, that's what you call Positive Thinking! I have lots to celebrate! Don't you think so?

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PinayWAHM said...

Yep, this calls for a celebration! Amazing how positive thinking can work wonders.

Go out and celebrate as soon as you are fully healed from that bronchitis!

Great weekend!


raquel said...

Congratulations! Never thought one can be happy to hear a diagnosis of bronchitis! LOL... no more singing in the rain....:)

juliana said...

alleluia! celebration indeed!

I know how that feels having to wait for the word from the doctor. I myself have to undergo mammo and breast ultrasound every 6 months as I'm closely monitored by my oncologist for the past 7 years because of my condition: fibrocystic breast. so I feel like I have a renewable life every 6 months for the past 7 years already.

it's been a while. I've been somewhat lazy with blogging since my account from my host got suspended. glad to know that you're well. take care!

Jade said...

It's good to hear you are alright...I know how it feels to wait for results. It's a NIGHTMARE.

I know I haven't been active much but I do have good news...check out Momma Wannabe :)

DebbieDana said...

That's good ate Beng, God ia always great! Hope you get well very soon and no more bronchitis!


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