Monday, July 6, 2009

Hubby and Cars

I think I have already mentioned before how hubby is so captivated with cars. It is not to the extent of having a collection of it though, (obviously, he can’t afford that!) but rather, having thorough interest on car makes and models and the accessories as well.

His first car was an Isuzu Gemini, a pre-owned car. For him, it was already a big accomplishment considering that he was only an ordinary clerk back then. He pursued that goal after we had acquired our own house and lot few years after we were married. Li’l more years after, he disposed it in exchange for a locally manufactured AUV. He thought it was more practical ‘coz he could earn extra income by picking up passengers, mostly employees from the Business Center of Makati. He was doing that on his way to the office and home. But he got tired of it after having been apprehended many times for being an illegal public transport. (Lol!) He sold it and got his first brand new car, a Toyota Corolla. He so loved that car that he kept it for long even after he had been issued his own car plan by his company, a brand new Toyota Innova.

But could you guess his ultimate dream car? It’s a Mercedes Benz! Oh, how he drools over that luxurious car! I would always see that desire when he sees one on the road. Also, a Dodge Ram 1500 is a total eye catcher for him. Perhaps, it’s masculine make is what captures his fancy. But for now, he is perfectly satisfied with his Kia Carens, a far cry from the two pricey cars but a lovable one just the same.

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the donG said...

i like the mini cooper the most. but just for the fun of driving it.

DebbieDana said...

WOW, nice car in that picture ate Beng!! Most men are actually fascinated with cars,especially luxurious ones, but not me. As long as ok ang sasakyan at walang aberya, then go ako dun!

Musta na? Hope you have a wonderful whole week ahead!!

Debbie :)

Beth said...

ako love ko naman the all time favorite CRV, kasi parang simple lang siya pero rock, hahaha! i mean, pwedeng pangharabas pero pded din pangcity driving. :)

dami nyo na naging cars, daming palit na! :) gnun yata men, ate beng, mhilig sa cars! :)

chubskulit said...

Hello there TitaB!

We got back since Sunday but wasn't able to visit blogs till now. They got sick (diarrhea) except me. We actually brought EJ to the hospital today because he is fevered (still is till now.).

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful and encouraging words you said and left at my blogs. For the sympathy and prayers, and for those who shared their blessings to the family! May God bless you all for your compassionate hearts!

ryliej said...

Our first car was a mercedez bens and we traded it with our the honda accord that we have right now. Salamat sa pagdamay TitaB!

john said...

Oh we would get along with that one lol. I love cars too!

foongpc said...

Hope that your hubby will get to own a Merz one day! : )

Redge said...

Hi Tita Beng.. Am so glad to know that your hubby dreams of owning an MB or Dodge maybe. 'Coz just in case you're interested or if he will pursue his dream, you can always visit our showroom in Greenhills or Global City.

alf said...

i love mercedez lalo na yung GL (suv) pero di kaya ng powers. lol. i'm fine with what i'm driving right now.

musta na mrs.?

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