Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fitness Gym Membership

One time, I went with my friend to a physical fitness gym. I’m not much of a fitness buff but because my friend wanted me to come with her, I did. I was amazed with all the fitness machines around the place but just before we started our exercise, we went to the locker room and left our stuff in one of the Gym lockers. I saw how organized the place was with all the wood lockers around. It sure was a safe place to leave our things behind. It was my very first time in a Fitness Gym so I first observed my friend and then got along well with her.

It was quite a tiring moment but it sure was an exhilarating work out. I thought I’d like to continue the work out and sign in for the Fitness Gym Membership but after I was informed of the rules and regulations, I backed out. I don’t think I could afford to spend a considerable big amount of money and not be sure if I could continuously spend time in the gym with my household chores at hand together with some blogging sidelines. There’s no doubt, I would just be dumping money in the drain. I think, I’d be contented with my brisk walking inside the house.

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yen said...

hello, oki lang naman ako dito, trying hard to get work as much as i can coz we had plans of going home to pi next year.

health and fitness clubs in san diego said...

It is exciting to be a member here,and i like gym because i love workouts every morning.:)


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