Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Australia Holiday

Years ago, we were being encouraged by Sis-in-law to migrate to Australia and join them. But Hubby wasn’t interested to the idea so they invited us to visit them. The purpose was for us to witness first hand the advance economic situation of Australia then eventually convince Hubby to agree to the idea of migration.

I was truly impressed with their surroundings especially in their neighborhood. The streets are wide and front yards are without fences. Colorful flowering plants sprawled the front lawn and address signs stood visible near the sidewalk. I noticed other homes without address signs have wall address plaques. I was glad I took notice of their own address plaque coz if not, I might have lost my way back. I really felt so relaxed just strolling down the quiet roads to the village park. People were so friendly, saying “hello” to every person they meet on the street.

The vacation had convinced me all right but not Hubby. He still prefers to stay here. We are not rich but enjoying the kind of life we have here is I think, enough for him. And wherever he’s happy, I’m there to support him.

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