Thursday, July 30, 2009

The series of celebrations

I had a series of celebrations on the week of my birthday. Although my actual birthday was on a Monday, I advanced the good time on the Saturday prior to my day. We had a family lunch out in Oki, Oki, a Japanese Restaurant then we met with my nephew and his family in the evening and had dinner at Giligan’s, a gimik place in Trinoma Mall. My nephew is very private and doesn’t want to show his and his wife’s photo. Below is his daughter, Lianne Victoria. I insisted on this one. Ain't she cute?

Below is the celebration with my family together with my
in-laws in Superbowl of China, still in Trinoma on the
actual day of my birthday, Monday.

Thursday was the day with my close buddies.

Just feeling happy...

And Saturday was a whole day of fun with my own Kuya’s (big brother) family.

We went swimming in Sun City Resort in Calamba, Laguna.

Still in Sun City...

The grillers

Nephew and his son, when we stopped over at Shell SLEX.
Modelling for the store's hats.

I enjoyed swimming a lot that I forgot to take photos of the food we had.
We only had some seafoods like shrimps and fish. Also chicken barbecues
plus Niece-in-law's especialty of Carbonara.

It was quite a busy week and one birthday week I'll never forget.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fitness Gym Membership

One time, I went with my friend to a physical fitness gym. I’m not much of a fitness buff but because my friend wanted me to come with her, I did. I was amazed with all the fitness machines around the place but just before we started our exercise, we went to the locker room and left our stuff in one of the Gym lockers. I saw how organized the place was with all the wood lockers around. It sure was a safe place to leave our things behind. It was my very first time in a Fitness Gym so I first observed my friend and then got along well with her.

It was quite a tiring moment but it sure was an exhilarating work out. I thought I’d like to continue the work out and sign in for the Fitness Gym Membership but after I was informed of the rules and regulations, I backed out. I don’t think I could afford to spend a considerable big amount of money and not be sure if I could continuously spend time in the gym with my household chores at hand together with some blogging sidelines. There’s no doubt, I would just be dumping money in the drain. I think, I’d be contented with my brisk walking inside the house.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Gifts

We went malling at Trinoma last Saturday. While having lunch, Hubby asked if I want to replace my old cell phone with one of the latest model. If I want, he’ll get one as my birthday gift from him. I got excited but daughter warned, “C’mon Ma, don’t believe Papa. It’s just a ploy; he’s just pulling your leg.” The father is known to always make a joke on anything, hence, the skeptical reaction. The daughter even bet to pay the father 1,000 pesos if he’ll really replace my old cell phone. What she doesn't know then was that, the gift was already in the car. And to cut the story short, daughter paid the father 1000 pesos for being a doubting Thomas.

And here is the cell phone in question. Hubby's birthday gift.

And from daughter is this 18k white gold bracelet pictured below. Actually, she was asking me what I want. Then just gave me the money so I can choose exactly what I want.

Thank you so much guys! I don't think you know how much you made me happy on this birthday of mine.

Take a peek on my old cell phone. Only for basic use unlike the new one which is so complicated.

Australia Holiday

Years ago, we were being encouraged by Sis-in-law to migrate to Australia and join them. But Hubby wasn’t interested to the idea so they invited us to visit them. The purpose was for us to witness first hand the advance economic situation of Australia then eventually convince Hubby to agree to the idea of migration.

I was truly impressed with their surroundings especially in their neighborhood. The streets are wide and front yards are without fences. Colorful flowering plants sprawled the front lawn and address signs stood visible near the sidewalk. I noticed other homes without address signs have wall address plaques. I was glad I took notice of their own address plaque coz if not, I might have lost my way back. I really felt so relaxed just strolling down the quiet roads to the village park. People were so friendly, saying “hello” to every person they meet on the street.

The vacation had convinced me all right but not Hubby. He still prefers to stay here. We are not rich but enjoying the kind of life we have here is I think, enough for him. And wherever he’s happy, I’m there to support him.

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's a wonderful day!

Another year is added to my age today. Getting older but can’t be any happier! I’m very blessed in many ways. Private pool celebration was unanimously cancelled to avoid the risk of relapse, in lieu of it, birthday blow-outs started last Saturday at Giligans’ in Trinoma with nephew’s family and lunch out today at Super Bowl of China still in Trinoma, with my in-laws. And hopefully, a weekend outing will push through with my own Kuya’s family. The day is almost over but not the joy in my heart. Still looking forward to the last sked of celebration as the final round-up of this special moment. That one would completely make my day!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Medical Tests Results

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m done with my Mammo and Breast Ultrasound. I’m so glad that I once again passed the said medical tests with flying colors! Hurray!! But you see, while I was confined in the hospital, I had my x-ray. The result looked not so good to my Pulmonologist. He called Hubby outside the room as if wanting a secret discussion. I can’t help but be anxious so I stood up from my bed and pull the dextrose pole with me to follow them. I asked what’s wrong and he disclosed that the x-ray plate shows some doubtful signs. He didn’t directly declare it’s big C related but he insinuates that there is the 1% possibility that it is. My, oh my!! I could already feel my heart pumping hard and my head seemed to burst! My eyes fixed at the doctors face trying to find some clue that he's just kidding! What if? Is it claiming me now? I prayed hard!

To eliminate the 1% doubt, I was requested to have chest CT-scan. While lying there, I am claiming my absolute healing, imagining all the small li’l crabs dead and out of my body. And then the result! It was quick. After only four hours, I was told it was an infection…a Bronchitis! Oh God! I thank thee!! I felt like screaming to my lung’s content! Oh yeah! It’s only a Bronchitis and not a metastasis!! Thanks be to God! I'm truly, truly, truly Cancer free!! Now, that's what you call Positive Thinking! I have lots to celebrate! Don't you think so?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ooops, I did it again!

This is not about Britney Spears’ song! I am just acknowledging my mistake. I again overworked and push my physical power beyond its maximum capacity, therefore resulting to my trip to the hospital for the nth time. I wasn't feeling well last Thursday. I had an AH1N1 Flu-like symptoms that initially scared the doctors and nurses at the ER. . I was placed in the only remaining isolation room. No cable TV, no landline, no mobile phone signal and worst of all… NO INTERNET!!! After various laboratory tests, x-ray and ct-scan, the diagnosis was Bronchitis. I think I caught the bacterial infection when I got wet from the rain while tired and perspiring. Now, I'm still recuperating. Thinking over my previous birthday plans. I am warned of relapse.

Somehow, I learned my lesson. Quick moves are only for the young. And I am past that age. I’ll just take it slow next time. I'll try!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Don't Wanna Be Caught Unguarded

My long postponed annual work-up for a Mammography and Breast Ultrasound is finally done, albeit being occupied with so many responsibilities. There was a scheduled date with my sister last Saturday but she postponed it thus the completion of my medical check-up instead. I have to say that this diagnostic exam is the most unpleasant medical exam for me. If only I can evade such procedure, I would. But there’s no denying I need it, so, that awful procedure struck me again. At least I’m done with it for this year together with the Breast Ultrasound. Sometimes, I get sick and tired of all these check-ups. But knowing that the illness that struck me was no ordinary migraine, I better keep myself fully guarded before the dead cancer cells come back from the grave. I’m blessed to have survived the big C for 16 years. Already declared a clean bill of health yet, I don’t wanna be caught unguarded if ever my enemy would lurk around, (I pray God would forbid!)

The result of my diagnostic exams will be released later today. Relying on the words of the doctors who performed the tests, I feel confident for a normal result again, that's with my fingers crossed. I’ll keep you posted anyway.

The ultrasound machine.

Red lighted door means on-going examination.

Took this photo while waiting for my turn.

While undergoing ultrasound with the very
friendly doctor.

In the meantime, let me plan for my forthcoming birthday. I’m so excited to be celebrating with my closest relatives. I’m scouting for an affordable private pool in Calamba, Laguna. Any suggestion guys?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hubby and Cars

I think I have already mentioned before how hubby is so captivated with cars. It is not to the extent of having a collection of it though, (obviously, he can’t afford that!) but rather, having thorough interest on car makes and models and the accessories as well.

His first car was an Isuzu Gemini, a pre-owned car. For him, it was already a big accomplishment considering that he was only an ordinary clerk back then. He pursued that goal after we had acquired our own house and lot few years after we were married. Li’l more years after, he disposed it in exchange for a locally manufactured AUV. He thought it was more practical ‘coz he could earn extra income by picking up passengers, mostly employees from the Business Center of Makati. He was doing that on his way to the office and home. But he got tired of it after having been apprehended many times for being an illegal public transport. (Lol!) He sold it and got his first brand new car, a Toyota Corolla. He so loved that car that he kept it for long even after he had been issued his own car plan by his company, a brand new Toyota Innova.

But could you guess his ultimate dream car? It’s a Mercedes Benz! Oh, how he drools over that luxurious car! I would always see that desire when he sees one on the road. Also, a Dodge Ram 1500 is a total eye catcher for him. Perhaps, it’s masculine make is what captures his fancy. But for now, he is perfectly satisfied with his Kia Carens, a far cry from the two pricey cars but a lovable one just the same.

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