Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Hong Kong Holiday

Since last year, the family has been planning to go to either Bangkok or Hong Kong. I prefer Bangkok coz I have already been to Hong Kong years ago with a friend. However, my two adult children although they are grown-ups still would want to see Hong Kong because of the ever popular Disneyland and the much visited Ocean Park. For Hubby, any of the two is exciting to see. And where do you think we decided to go to? It’s two against one so it’s …Hong Kong !!

We'd like to avail of the Accor Hotels City Super Sale promotion so we would be booking online to take advantage of savings up to 60%. We should not miss this opportunity since this is only for a very limited time. We plan to fly on the first week of September which would coincide with the birthday of my son. Our booking would be for 4days/3nights so we could have enough time for food tripping. I’ve been craving for authentic Chinese dishes and this is it! For that length of time, there’d be more time for shopping, and enough time to see the marine life in Aquarium of the Ocean Park and meeting Mickey Mouse in his home in Disneyland. It is months to go, yet I can’t help but be excited. Thanks that there is such City Super Sale. Its discount would add more bucks for my shopping budget. Woo hoo!!


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out of the blue said...

ay sarap sa hongkong, tagal ko ng hindi naka punta doon. 24 hrs shopping!!!

Gorgeous MUM said...

Hope you'll have fun!

TiOheM said...
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foongpc said...

I have never been to Hong Kong, but I love Bangkok! Will be going China in August, but wonder if the H1N1 flu will stop me from traveling!

Jon said...



I wish i have the money by that time!

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