Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chill Out After a Hard Days Work

Taking time out from my endless household chores, I sat on a sofa, stretched out my legs and picked up the remote commander of our TV. I kept changing channels looking for my favorite program. But then, I got bored. Local channels have limited shows which made me wish I have one like Satellite Directv. I’ve heard of the Direct TV having lots of TV programs to choose from. And if on a limited budget, one can choose which channel is more important to have.

If only I could have one as that of a Direct TV Satellite, it would make my daily chores light and easy. And why not? I’d probably be motivated to work fast, finish my daily tasks, then chill out in front of a Satellite Directv. I guess that’s one factor of the joys of life, to chill out after a hard days work!

3 Comentários:

Sandi said...

yeah I like to chill with my favorite shows too. :)

PinayWAHM said...

Yep, we all deserve to do that. Lalo na ngayon na masyadong stressful ang buhay buhay.

Naku Ate beng, the Phil Store we went to is selling the place. They're moving to the Phils kasi retiring age na yung husband. So medyo konti na lang ang supplies sa store nila. Hopefully, may bibili para naman magtuloy tuloy yung store. It's the nearest one dito eh.

How's your weekend?


Asian Traveler said...

Fortunately I don't like local channels. I'm into Korean and Japanese films.

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