Monday, May 18, 2009

Experiencing Pahiyas Festival


Hubby and I took a spontaneous Friday day off last week. We had an impromptu decision to drive to Lucban, Quezon to see the popular Pahiyas Festival celebration. Lucban is a four to five hour drive South of Manila. Knowing the trip would entail a lot of walking under the heat of the sun we chose not to invite anyone else to come with us. Hence, a full day of sight seeing and strolling without worrying for anyone else getting tired and hungry along the course of the tour. And at this point, hubby and I enjoyed the stroll despite the hunger that we had encountered. All the restaurants and eateries we went to were full with tourist customers. So we had to roam around yet until after lunch time only to find a small table for us in one of the unpopular eateries in the place. All we had for our lunch was a plate of Pancit Lukban, a very easy and quick to serve noodle in that very busy area. It is one delectable dish that has been sought in this town aside from the very popular Longganisa Lukban( a local sausage)

Pahiyas Festival is one of the most colorful celebrations popular in the Philippines. It is celebrated every 15th of May and has become a tourist attraction among the local and foreign tourists alike. It is a thanksgiving celebration for the Patron Saint of Farmers, San Isidro Labrador for abundant harvests they had for the year. Houses here in Lucban are being decorated with colorful “kipings”. This “kiping” is leaf-shaped wafers made of rice dyed in brilliant colors arranged and hung in front walls of the houses for décor. Others, I noticed used other decorative items such as fruits, freshly harvested rice stalks, whole banana plants with fruits in it, fresh flowers and many other colorful indigenous materials. The festivity was so lively even before the parade has yet to begin. We were not able to wait for the parade to move coz it was like a lifetime to assemble and organize a long line of giddy participants. We left the festivity on its peak, delighted and gratified by the complied curiosity.

The beckoning arch of Lucban, Quezon

Coloful "kiping" decors.

Indigenous material decorations.

Palay stalks used as decor roofs.

Various materials are used here for decors.

"Kiping" flowers.

Another colorful "kipings".

The"Higantes" (giant paper mache men with
someone inside it to make it walk)

A group in native attire readying for the parade.

Colorful buri hats on sale along sidewalks.

A group of youngsters posing for various photographers.

Tall men (with the aid of "tsakad")

The popular very tasty Longganisa Lukban.

Our lunch. Not exactly the kind of pancit lukban.

The parade assembly.

Hubby with the sweet smiling band member.

Hubby posing with his fave drink(in paper mache).

Me with the friendly carabao readying for parade.

Passing by a "Higantes" statue decor.

We had this juicy piece of steak in Mini's Steak House in Libis, Q.C.
on the way home. That great ordeal of hunger the past lunchtime was
heartily remunerated.

16 Comentários:

foongpc said...

Wow! What a nice festival!

What is Pancit Lukban? Despite seeing the photo, I can't really make out what it is. Are those noodles or something?

The colourful "kipings" are a feast to the eyes! I wish I were there to take lots and lots of photos!!

What is "higantes"? Looks like giant puppets to me. LOL!

Wow! those buri hats so colourful! Are they cheap or expensive?

Oh, there are men on stilts! I take it that "tsakad" means stilts?

Wow! You stand so near the carabao not scared ah?

Lucky you got your hunger satisfied in the end. LOL!

Tita Beng said...

@foongpc - Pancit lukban is a certain kind of noodle made and cooked quite uniquely their own way. It is also sometimes called "pancit habhab" only because of the way they eat it. It is placed on a piece of banana leaf on the palm of your hand and eat it directly by mouth from the hand. Yes "higantes" are actually giant puppets with someone inside it to make it walk like a real human. Those colorful buri hats are actually very affordable though I forgot the actual price. Yes, "tsakads" are walking stilts. No, not scared of the carabao coz it's really very friendly.

Thanks so much foongpc for your frequent visits. Sorry for the other post where you left a comment. Maybe I'll bring it back if I'd be able to show the photos. Please don't get tired of visiting. See yah again!

foongpc said...

Oh, there are real people inside the higantes? Interesting! Thanks for the answers to so many questions! : )

An Asian Traveler said...

Good thing you were able to visit this place. I love the colorful decors.

PinayWAHM said...

Great pics. Sometimes yung impromptu or spontaneous trip are the ones that turn out to be the best.

I have to say look really pweetty with your new hairdo [hairdid na kasi ilang araw na di ba? hehe]....


Beng said...

wow..gusto ko rin makapunta dyan..gaganda naman talagang pinaghandaan!

Borneo Falcon said...

It is a beautiful festival indeed

Jade said...

Wow I am jealous...I hope to see this too. It's a shame I have seen more of other countries than my own...I will make up to it soon.

DebbieDana said...

Festivals are one of the things that I love ( and greatly miss ) in the Philippines. As in sa Pilipinas lang ang may ganyan, most provinces has their own festivals, and it's really grand! We have one in Manaoag called Galicayo Festival held every 1st week of December, and another one in Dagupan city, which I personally have seen when I was there last April.. it's Bangus Festival...Too bad, I forgot to bring my camera, tsk tsk tsk!

Thanks for the beautiful photos ate Beng! You take care.

Debbie :)

TomGu said...

It's fun and enjoyable watching the Pahiyas.

But, I loved and enjoyed more the drive along the long and winding roads of Cavinti and Luisiana, Laguna.

chubskulit said...

Oh wow tita beng, ganda naman ng pahiyas festival.. sarap ng foods, yum! nakakagutom hehehe...

misty said...

dami nating festival sa Pinas noh Tita Beng and magaganda pati!

john said...

Wow, just look at those pictures. I feel like I watched the whole festival too.. Thanks for sharing Ms. Beng!

redge said...

wow.. nice shots tita beng.. glad that u n ur hubby had fun at pahiyas..

Nance said...

These photos bring back happy memories. once upon a time (in hi-school), I used to be part of i just watch and enjoy.
Boy, they really did an excellent job to make this Pahiyas Festival a success! thanks for sharing the photos, Tita Beng.

Kulengkleng said...

I miss Pahiyas sa Lucban. Because it is really one of kind. It is one of the most busiest festivals in the Philippines. Have you also seen the grotto?


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