Friday, April 24, 2009

Source for Mailing and Telemarketing Lists

The company where hubby works is presently on the planning stage of compressing the employees working spaces to be able to share the saved spaces to a sister company. They are actually affected by the financial crisis. Who has not been affected by the present world wide financial crunch? I bet, only a few would deny. Businesses are striving hard to stay operational. Some companies are finding ways and means to control company’s impending bankruptcy. Generally, industrial strategies are sought beyond their premises.

I wonder if they have heard of the marketing list where the US Government has turned for their marketing data. This is held by the List Company, the company to turn to for the much needed telemarketing and email sourcing. They carry the complete lists where most of the needed consumer mailing lists, list brokers, Insurance lists, and other various lists are gathered and scientifically analyzed. The exact reason why many of the company’s businesses are coming back. I'm more than sure, this is the strategy they are looking for to keep their businesses going.

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