Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Right Attire

It was Daughter’s first anniversary on her present and second job last Tuesday, March 31. They were to have a little Cocktail Party with all the batch mates in her office. She was all agog in choosing the right dress to wear. However, she couldn’t make up her mind 'cause most of the clothes hanging in her closet are casual work clothes she has been wearing at the office. She was disappointed not having enough time to buy a new party outfit for the get-together.

Time to do some shopping for her personal stuff. She ain’t got time but that's no problem. She knew exactly where to shop. Where else, but at, the online shop where one could find anything and everything for sale online. But for that time being that the need was right there, she did a temporary shopping from my cabinet.(LOL) She picked one georgette blouse, accessorized it with a wide belt and matched them with her own slim fit denim jeans. She found no problem in looking for the right shoes though. She has quite a number of her own. With a contented smile on her face, off she went to her party.

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Nurta San said...

Hi! I'm just blogwalking.. nice blog!!, hope you visit me back & leave a comment too.. Have a great day! ^_^

Beth said...

Hi ate beng,
buti naayos mo na pala ung mga links mo, ska wow naman, PR3 pala to! :)

sarap ng vacation mo, mganda nga sa bagac, been there too! di ba diyan location ng shooting ng Zorro of GMA7?, bkit wala ka pic ng beach? :)

visit ako dito uli ha? salamat din sa visit!

ryliej said...

Actually PR4 ka na Tita Beng, oh diba bongga ang blog mmo jhehehe.. Congrats Tita Beng!

Joops said...

hello Ms. Beng, thanks a lot for the visit and comment on my boat... greatly appreciate it..

katherine said...

Wow, nice, i wish i can borrow dress from my mother too pero di pwede kasi mataba sya...haha. BTW, thanks for your comment to my blog. and wow again PR 3 pala 'to. Exchange link tayo para mahawa naman ako...hehehe

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